Shine Your Light!
Shine Your Light!
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Shine Your Light!
‘Jeonyul’ Will Shine CBNU.

Yoon Ji-in Reporter, Song Yu-ra Cub-Reporter

‘Honorary ambassador’ refers to a representative who promotes a particular aspect in a special field. It could be a city, a product, or even activities that are aimed at engaging with multiple people. CBNU also has honorary ambassadors composed of CBNU students from freshman to junior. CBNU honorary ambassadors are involved in four areas: general promotion, shooting, filming, and foreign languages. They serve their activities, letting all visitors know the beauty and superiority of CBNU. Student honorary ambassadors of CBNU have their own name, 'Jeonyul', meaning 'shining CBNU' in Korean. The CBNU Globe had a chance to listen to 'Jeonyul' with Kim Na-yun, the leader of the 19th 'Jeonyul'. Let's find out about ‘Jeonyul’ together!

 Hello, could you tell ‘The CBNU Globe’ about yourself?

Hi, my name is Kim Na-yun, a representative of the CBNU honorary school ambassador, 'Jeonyul'. I’m a student in the Department of Fashion Design College of Human Ecology.

 What does ‘Jeonyul’ do?

When visitors from middle and high school or people from other universities come to our university, we introduce CBNU to them. This activity is called the ‘campus tour’. Through this, we promote our university’s superiority to outsiders. We also try hard to give a positive impression to others by doing a variety of formal events, making a presentation and answering questions about CBNU on the portal. And we plan some events by ourselves.

 I'm wondering if the activities of ‘Jeonyul’ are the same every year. If not, what special activities are planned for this year?

As I mentioned, we basically have an explanation of CBNU and formality activities. The details could be changed depending on the situation. However, events are organized differently every year. For example, last year, the 18th 'Jeonyul' handed out postcards. On the other hand, this year, we handed out some photo cards with the CBNU motif.

 What was the hardest and best part of serving as an honorary student ambassador?

Before the ceremony appointment, ‘Jeonyul’ receive the acceptance in December and have a training course lasting one month from the middle of January. Through this training course, I practiced scripts of CBNU’s presentation and a campus tour but also learned the basics of the activity’s details. During this period, I repeated the scripts a lot with members of ‘Jeonyul’. It was a tough time for me, but at the same time, it was meaningful because we could emotionally bond with one another.

 What is Jeonyul’s unique point comparing with other schools’ ambassadors?

I think our uniform is differentiated from other universities’. Our uniform is the national Korean costume, hanbok, as our university is located in Jeonju which is the most traditional city in Korea. This is very different from other honorary student ambassadors’. I think promoting the university with hanbok as an honorary student ambassador is distinctive in itself.

 What has changed since you have become an honorary student ambassador?

I wear a uniform when I am serving as an ambassador of CBNU. This makes me feel responsible. Because people who visit our university look at ambassadors’ gestures and speech closely, I make an effort to do my best whatever I do. This is not just in my case, other members of ‘Jeonyul’ make an effort not to make any mistakes, always keeping in mind that we represent CBNU.

 Do you have a thing that you want students to know as an ambassador of CBNU?

The previous name of the 'CBNU Challengers' was the ‘Adventurous Ambassador’. Because of the similarity of names, I found that many students are confused between ‘CBNU Challengers' and 'CBNU school honorary ambassador'. However, activities are very different. ‘Challengers’ are ambassadors whom are an inspiration to students, while we are ambassadors for promoting our school outside.

 As an ambassador of CBNU, what do you wish for our school?

As CBNU is the national university, I hope CBNU goes together with students as well as the local community. I also wish CBNU students fame so that they can bring honor to CBNU. We too promise to work hard so that we can contribute to CBNU.

 Some students who want to be an ambassador might read this article. Could you give them some tips?

Just try it! Every student is qualified to be a student honorary ambassador with school spirit and passion. The explanation about ambassadors will be held in November. Please come and feel free to ask! If you prepare for the interview, you can achieve good results!

 Lastly, would you like to say something to CBNU students?

Doing your best to achieve great dreams and CBNU’s pride looks very nice. Our student ambassadors also do our best to be our university’s pride. Also, I hope students will give a lot of interest and support to our activities.

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