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2010년 03월 15일 (월) 10:42:54 Lee Ji-hye globe@jbnu.ac.kr

How often
do you use Chonbuk National University Library? When I was a freshman, there were some friends who even didn't know where the library was located until the end of freshman year. I think many students are not interested in it, and they also don't know its services. The University Library is one of the essential services which we should use, and it also should serve the high quality of service to students. Because my major is Library and Information Science, through my major classes I could know about very useful services which I usually wouldn’t. Because of this, I want to let you know some information about it.
Every start of the semester, the library provides an education program for the users, especially for freshman. In this program, librarians introduce the library facilities and services. They educate on the way of searching the collection of scholarly information in the library. If not only freshman, but also other enrolled students participate in this program, they can cultivate knowledge about using the library.
If you went to the library even once in your university life, you could see the librarians sitting at the desk on every floor. Usually they seem to be very busy and concentrating on something, so, when you have trouble there, you usually could not ask them for help. But remember, one of their main tasks is responding to your questions. If you don’t know how and where to find materials, just ask them without any hesitation. They are always ready to reply to your question.
When you write a report, which kinds of resources do you usually use? Do you use Naver knowledge retrieval or just copy the highest linked information? You are a university student now, so you should write a more technical report. To write a report, if you want to find some scholarly information, use the CBNU digital library. In the section for electronic resource retrieval, you can find a scholarly database. In that section, you can use many kinds of databases at no cost. If you use these databases for searching into information concerning the subject of your report, you can write a more specialized and technical report. CBNU library has been adding other kinds of databases for more extensive information.
How can you use the interesting references which the library got recently? If you wonder about this, use the SDI service. SDI means Selective Dissemination of Information. If you input the keyword of a topic of interest, like the name of the book, the title of journal, and the author, the library sends the information about accessing this material to your e-mail. Until now, you had to search for the information in the library homepage and then you had to find the materials. But from now on, you can know the information for accessing materials before searching the library homepage.
Somebody once said, ”Knowledge is free at the library. Just bring your own container.” In the university, there are so many things to extend your knowledge and ability. I think the library is the easiest means to improve yourself. Enjoy the library service, even if just once, and your student life will get better.

Lee Ji-hye
Junior, the Dept. of Library and Information Science

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