Sailing Away to Summer in Jeonbuk
Sailing Away to Summer in Jeonbuk
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Sailing Away to Summer in Jeonbuk
Shermamatova Aizharkyn, Editor
Jeollabuk-do province is one of the most agriculturally-developed and traditional provinces in Korea. Jeonbuk Browsing searched the best places to visit, the most delicious cuisine routes and local color in Jeollabuk-do. In the July edition the CBNU Globe wants to introduce Imsil County, which is known for Imsil cheese. What other interesting places and culture can be found in Imsil?

Situated in the central-north part of the Jeollabuk-do province along with Namwon County, Imsil has a history that dates back to the Silla Dynasty when it got its name ‘Imsil’. ‘Imsil’ means the county of lovely and generous people. Its main industry is dairy farming and cheese industry, that is widely consumed throughout the country. Also, there are many picturesque towns, mountains and natural areas. With its affordable location, Imsil has several express bus highways to Busan and other major roads connecting to other cities.

Imsil Cheese Village
Location: 687 Doin-ri, Seongsu-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Admission Fee: Free
Contact Address: 063-643-3400
As mentioned earlier, cheese plays a big role in the Imsil tourism and economy sectors. Imsil Cheese Village is the center of the Imsil cheese story. This village is popular for its fancy photo zones, amusement statues, restaurants, cafes and theme parks in summer colors such as yellow and orange. Imsil Cheese Village stretches over 597 square kilometers and contains farmlands, beautiful windmills, castles, cheese-shaped observatories and many more amusement parks for children. The origin of Imsil cheese started in 1966, when Didier t'Serstevens, a young Catholic priest from Belgium, brought two goats from his home country and made cheese from the leftover milk in Imsil for the first time. He opened a small cheese factory and started manufacturing a high-quality cheese that later became the Imsil Cheese Factory. Now, Imsil produces natural domestic cheese and yogurt for the whole of the Korean market. Beyond production there is a theme park where everyone can experience different kinds of cheese and take part in making it too. Furthermore, during the hands-on cheese experience center, visitors can make mozzarella cheese, string cheese and pizza with Imsil cheese for about 10,000-32,000 won, depending on the package and amount of experience. Usually, packages are offered to groups of up to 40 people and classes last an hour or two. Also, it’s possible to reserve a class in advance. After the cheese class you can take your cheese with you, personal help to seal the package so you can take out your cheese and keep it from 3 days to a week in the fridge. Every October, the ‘Imsil N Cheese’ festival promotes the most famous cheese industry in Korea, where visitors can experience and taste 100% natural cheese. During the festival, over 80 programs are available and a special event where about 300 participants have a chance to create a king-sized pizza together. Besides, there are many other activities to enjoy in the Imsil Cheese Village.

Jeonbuk 119 Safety Experience Center
Location: 1630, Hoguk-ro, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
Admission Fee: 2,000-4,000 Won (50% discount for Jeollabuk-do citizens)
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM (closed on Mondays)
Contact Address: 063-290-5676

Jeonbuk 119 Safety Experience Center is located in Imsil County. The main purpose of the safety center is to provide visitors with basic escape skills through interactive activities and to learn how to prevent disasters. This center consists of 6 parts as; the Experience Center of Diverse Disasters, the Training Center to Escape from the Emergency Situations, the Kid’s Safety Village, the Specialized Emergency Treatment Training Center, the Survival Swimming Training Center and the Water Safety Experience Center.
• Experience Center of Diverse Disasters
You can learn to escape diverse natural disasters through 11 kinds of exhibitions and experience activities. First is the fire extinguisher and fire drill experience. In our daily lives, we can see fire extinguishers in every building but not many people know how to use them or what kinds of extinguishers exist. So here you can learn about fire disasters and put out a VR fire on screen. After you enter the escape room that is on fire with no light inside. It’s a great experience where you can use your skills such as lowering your head to breathe, escaping collapsed walls, and being cautious of hot door handles. Second is the earthquake typhoon experience. In the special room when an artificial earthquake starts you should sit under the table and before leaving the room check all the sources of light and gas to prevent fire. Third is the traffic safety and public safety experiences. You sit in a car and it rotates and teaches you the importance of seat belts. Also, when an elevator stops working or if you get captured inside it, you should call the manager through the button inside and tell them the number above, which indicates elevator’s location. Fourth is the CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) experience. The instructor gives a half hour class on first aid and the necessity of CPR. Then, you have a chance to practice different kinds of CPR and get your CPR license, which qualifies you to save someone’s life with CPR in urgent situations and be awarded a prize from the government. Besides this, there are 4D disaster video experience, radioactivity civil defense drills and many other things to experience.
• Training Center to Escape from Emergency Situations
The disaster escape lessons are conducted via thrilling missions and the best safety facilities. First, the instructor explains fire types and fire escape facilities constructed in every building. There are lots of types of equipment for escaping such as the evacuation system where you will be brought down by the evacuation rope and the mechanical elevator between floors that allows you to get down to the next floor by a pushing button. This elevator is situated on the corner sides of a building in a zigzag shape to prevent direct air income to the origin of the fire. The last escape type is the verti-scape escape chute, which is made of fire-proof and stable material. Second is the high attitude crosswalk where you should reach other buildings via wooden steps hanging on ropes, which makes it hard to walk on. Furthermore, there is survival escape, helicopter escape and so on.
Summing up, Jeonbuk 119 Safety Experience Center gives basic knowledge about disasters and a chance to use them in practice through advanced technology facilities and VR experiences. While learning about the safety precautions, you assimilate the essence of being prepared for all accidents and always fasten your seat belt, keep fire extinguishers in a handy place, etc. In addition, this center is family oriented, so you can have classes with your family and children as well. For an English version of their leaflet, check the link below:

Imsil County has a natural and healthy production industry where vitamin rich cheese, chili peppers, and other products are produced. The food industry of Imsil is outstanding with deep flavor and rich in vitamins. Most of the restaurants in Imsil use delicious local Imsil cheese in their pork cutlets and pizzas. Why not sail away to Imsil and make wonderful memories there this summer?

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