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CBNU Holds Workshop for Admission Officers

CBNU held a workshop about ‘admission officer’s duty morality, high school curriculum and understanding of student records to enhance fairness of assessment and improve professional skills.’ About 120 people attended the workshop, including the admission officers. In the workshop, after the introduction of 2020 CBNU detailed the screening schedule, participants had a Q&A and the professors had a discussion with listeners on the topic of ‘social and moral duty of admission workers’, and ‘understanding of high school curriculum and the student record’. Hong Chul-un, the director of the Office of Admission, said: “These days assessor’s professionalism and fairness has been important, such as the introduction of the blind test, because of the change in the environment of entering school,” and announced that they will have continuous education to improve fairness, reliability and professionalism.

Professor Kwon Hyuk-nam Receives Presidential Complimentary Order

Professor Kwon Hyuk-nam in the Department of Mass Communication received the Presidential Complimentary Order for developing election culture. The National Election Commission awarded the Presidential Order to ten people, including Professor Kwon in the 8th election event held in Gyeonggi-do Gwacheon Citizen Hall. Professor Kwon received credit for his work as president of the Jeonbuk Election Broadcasting Debate and professor of the Department of Mass Communication; he skillfully progressed through numerous debates about public office elections for 14 years since 2004 after the legislation. He also wrote several books including ‘Empirical Studies of Political Communication’. In the 7th debate of Education Committee Election held in 2018, he changed the candidates’ seating arrangement from linear ones to u-form to make a more dynamic debate. He also conducted a poll as professor of the Social Science Research Center of CBNU and worked hard to solve the community’s pending problems.


CBNU Has Been Selected as a Training Agency for Hanok Experts

CBNU has been selected as a ‘Training Agency for Hanok Experts’ of 2019 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT). Accordingly, CBNU is going to conduct Hanok design classes for reserve architects for about six months with MOLIT’s financial support. CBNU was selected as the best educational institution from 2012 to 2014. It proved that CBNU is the mecca of Hanok architectural education. Nam Hae-kyung, the chief of the Hanok Architecture Center said, "The choice of CBNU as this work is the evidence of our school is the best educational Mecca of architectural education on Hanok. We will strive to foster professional Hanok architects through an education combined with theory and practice. We will also make an effort to activate the regional economy."

CBNU LINC+ Holds ‘LINC+ Local Innovation Workshop’

The CBNU LINC+ organization held the ‘2019 Great-Sphere Local Community Innovation Workshop’ event on May 17th. Five universities, which represent five provinces attended the workshop. The purpose of this workshop was planned in order to create an innovation program for the local community by sharing the best local community practices of the five provinces. CBNU presented Jeonju Nambu market as an example of the best practice of the urban regeneration project. After the workshop, the organization members attended the ‘Baroque Concert with Citizens’ which was performed by CBNU Department of Music. Through the concert, the LINC+ organization were able to communicate with local residents. Ko Young-ho in the Department of Electrical Engineering and head of the LINC+ organization, said “We consistently share best practices and discover new collaborative programs. This workshop answers questions on how to create and spread regional innovation representation that fits in with each local society. In this regard, this workshop was meaningful and successful.”


CBNU Receives State Support to Encourage Startups

CBNU was selected from preliminary startup package business organized by Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Startups. This selection allows CBNU students to get more support than ever before. Preliminary Startup Package Business is a new business support program created by the government integrating existing business to activating startup support. After CBNU was selected as a startup leading university in 2015, CBNU has been selected for the project to support startups for the past five years. Through this support, CBNU received 2.27 billion won. CBNU will provide founders with various support, such as business funding and mentoring for startups. The Head of the Startup Support Center, Kwon Tae-kyu said, “We will contribute to regional development by encouraging startups and making specialized programs which are proper for fourth industrial revolution. As regional national university, CBNU Startup Support Center will make more effort to activate startups.”


Department of Software Engineering Wins Idea Hacker Tone Competition

CBNU students in the Department of Software Engineering won the first prize and second prize at the 5th Idea Hacker Tone Conference hosted by the university in May. They also won third prize and a special prize at the programming contest. The word 'Hacker Tone' is a combination of words 'hacking' and 'marathon', which means hacking or developing a program in a certain time and place, much like a marathon. The contest was held from May 10 to May 12, hosted by the division of Computer Science and Engineering, the club 'WHO', and many teams with Jeonbuk University students participated. Meanwhile, students of the Department of Software Engineering were awarded the K-HackerTone Award of the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2017 and have recently achieved good results in various internal and external activities related to hacker tone.

HRC Students Share Seedlings with Local People

On the afternoon of May 15th, students participating in the Honors Residential College (HRC) program shared 60,000 vegetable and flower seedlings at New the Silk Road Center. The seedlings that were shared on this day were grown by students who participated in eco-flower activities, which is part of the HRC program. It is a product of our university to foster students' spirit of challenge through extracurricular activities. Under the guidance of Professor Park Byung-mo, the students have been cultivating various seedlings and in order to share the joy of their achievements with the local people, they held a sharing event this year, following on from last year’s event. One of the local residents said, “I visited the campus to get seedlings grown by students of CBNU and I felt great because the seedlings and students were pretty. I hope the university will be more active in communicating with the local people.”

CBNU Business Incubator Center Receives a Favorable Evaluation

The CBNU Business Incubator Center was evaluated as the best institution in the 2019 evaluation for operation of Business Incubation Centers. It was conducted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. This assessment was conducted by 16 Business Incubator Centers in Jeollabuk-do. The CBNU center received an ‘Excellence Recognition’ in terms of infrastructure to support startups, educational and commercialization support for a local company, its sales and employment performance. In addition, it was selected as an 'Outstanding Network Business Incubator among Incubation Capacity Enhancement Improvement Project' by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and secured 272,000,000₩ in the third year. Kwon Tae-kyu, the head of the Business Incubator Center, said “By establishing diverse support systems and linking with specialized infrastructure, we will generously support the continued growth of an early business founder.”

Professor Choi Ha-young Contributes 10 Million Won for University Development

Professor Choi Ha-young in the Department of Neurosurgery in Medical School contributed 10 million won to the development of the university. Development Support Foundation delivered a plaque of appreciation to the professor during the donation ceremony at the University Headquarters Office on May 21. Professor Choi, an alumnus of CBNU, is the country's top authority who operated on various brain diseases such as brain tumors without opening the skull more than 1,000 times through 'Gamma Knife'. Since 2016, he has been the head of the Gamma Knife Center at CBNU Hospital and has been actively performing gamma knife surgery. Professor Choi said, "From my university days until now as a professor, I have received a lot from college. And I wanted to return it to the university and juniors. Through this fund, I hope that students will study in a better environment and that CBNU will develop further."


CBNU Students Win Prizes in Corporate Logo Design Contest

CBNU students won prizes including the grand prize in the Corporate Logo Design Contest hosted by the Saemangeum Solar Power Corporation. Kim Soo-rin, a student of the Department of Industrial Design, won the grand prize. She emphasized the catchphrase “A new development led by water and solar power.” She designed a logo in the shape of an infinite connection between water and sun. This means water and solar can make long lasting renewable energy. Five out of the ten winners were CBNU students, showing CBNU students have superior creativity. Kim Soo-rin said, “I tried to use creative thinking as I prepared for the contest. And I am glad my efforts turned out well. Through this experience, I will put my effort into becoming a professional designer who makes many creative works.”


Professor Park Yool-jin Is Elected as President of KITLA

Park Yool-jin, a professor of CBNU, was elected the 21st president of the Korea Institute of Traditional Landscape Architecture (KITLA). The term of office will be for two years; starting from January 1st next year. Established in 1980, KITLA is a representative institute of landscape research, education, and academic activities in order to research and study traditional landscape culture to preserve and transfer its ideas and techniques and improve landscape culture by developing modern garden culture. In particular, the year 2020 when Park's term begins is the 40th anniversary of KITLA. Park expressed his willingness to focus on related commemorative projects and academic activities. Park said, “Since next year is KITLA’s 40th anniversary of the foundation, I will make efforts to hold symposiums, open Korean traditional landscaping cultural lectures, develop practical teaching materials such as traditional landscape design, plant management, and strengthen academic research functions in Korea and abroad.”



Dr. Kim Do-young Gets Prize of Excellent Study

Recently, Dr. Kim Do-young received an award for excellent research at the KAPD conference in commemoration of its 60th anniversary. At the conference, Dr. Kim released a paper on diagnosis and effects of maxillary expansion in children with sleep-disordered breathing and was favorably reviewed. In this study, Dr. Kim compared and analyzed changes and improvements on sleep-disordered breathing before and after using maxillary expansion in children. The result of the study showed that sleep-disorder symptoms improved after upper jaw dilation treatment and that the size of the nose, pharynx, throat, and larynx in the upper part of the airway increased. “Children’s sleep-disordered breathing is undervalued and out of cognition. And those situations make it hard to detect and treat disease at an early stage. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are needed to improve the sleep-disordered breathing because it can badly affect the growth of a child in the long term.” Dr. Kim said.

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