The Myth of ‘I Don’t Have’
The Myth of ‘I Don’t Have’
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The Myth of ‘I Don’t Have’

I do not have time to do a part-time job. I do not have a professional camera to take great photos. I do not have enough (fill in the blanks) to be successful. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I have kept brainwashing myself with all these arguments to procrastinate and blame the whole world around me for holding me back and preventing me from achieving my goals. The Myth of ‘I Don’t Have’ dawned on me at a critical moment in my life and made me reconsider my choices. The ‘I Don’t Have’ argument is stopping us from doing things we consider to be important in our lives and is not a real argument. In fact, ‘I don’t need’ those special material objects to achieve my goals is always an alternative way of thinking about the situation. I don’t need an expensive camera to shoot perfect photos because taking a truly remarkable photo is not about a camera but photography skills and the feeling of the right moment. I don’t need to know English perfectly to communicate with others, study and write papers in it because even basic language understanding combined with the dictionary, time and a strong will is enough for most daily and academic tasks. When it comes to the ‘I don’t have time’ myth, it is a little more tricky. In her TED speech, Laura Vanderkam suggested changing ‘I Don’t Have Time’ into ‘It Is Not My Priority.’ First of all, understanding the concept is important. Once you label priority levels to tasks, it becomes clear which tasks require more attention and, most importantly, why it must be done and how it is connected to your life choices. On the contrary, ‘I don’t have time to do my homework’ turns into ‘it is not my first priority to do homework’, which, in turn, makes you question yourself why it is not. Time is limited, but flexible. It is up to you to decide what activities to fulfill according to your preferences. By the way, it is normal to have different priorities than others. After all, it is your life to manage. So far admitting to myself being caught by the myth of ‘I Don’t Have’ encouraged me to work on my mind management. As a result, I noticed my productivity level has increased, let alone my self-awareness.








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