As A Pioneer in New Siberia, Novosibirsk
As A Pioneer in New Siberia, Novosibirsk
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As A Pioneer in New Siberia, Novosibirsk




Lee Won-jai, The Dept. of Electronic Engineering




Thanks to the Office of International Cooperation, I had a chance to go to Novosibirsk in Russia as an exchange student.




New Siberia, Novosibirsk

‘Novo-’ means ‘new’ and ‘-sibirsk’ means ‘Siberia’. Novosibirsk is the third-most populous city in Russia, located in the southwestern part of Siberia. The Siberian railway and other industrial policies have led to this city growing rapidly.

Novosibirsk is also famous for science and cooperates with the Korean city, ‘Daejeon’. Some people sathat Daejeon refers to the structure of Novosibirsk and that is why this city is really similar to Daejeon.




Best University in Siberia, NSU

Novosibirsk State University (NSU) is located in ‘Akademgorodok’. ‘Akademgorodok’ is a suburb of Novosibirsk dedicated to science. Following the city’s populous, NSU is also evaluated as the third best university in Russia. There are two buildings in NSU; the old building and the new building. The new building is very large and has 5 sections. Most Russian universities are sparsely located in their state while most classes are held in the NSU new building so that students do not need to move a lot between classes. Furthermore, plenty of research institutions are located near NSU and frequentlycollaborate with the university.







The Life in Novosibirsk




Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence(BDA & AI)

In order to study data science, sophisticated mathematical and statistical knowledge is needed. NSU is an appropriate place to become a data scientist since it is well-known for instructing fundamental science, including mathematics.

The most impressive thing is that I learned fundamental things aboutthis area that I usually miss when studying in Korea. In the lecture ‘Philosophy of Data Science’, I learned why I must learn and need to develop in this area. In ‘Frontier of BDA & AI’, I learned how to apply this to my own life. I can also experience how to deal with the practical situation of the team project, even though I majored in computer science. In ‘Business Analysis’, I was taught how to organize a team and project and deal with the stakeholders before the start of a development.





Обское Море(Obskoe beach): ‘Море' means beach in Russian andObskoe is called a beacheven though it was created by ariver. At first glance, it looks like abeach since I could see the horizon. I didn’t know exactly why Russian calls the area abeach and not a river, but I could guess the reason after I had seen the landscape.

Речной (Rechnoi, River Side) : All roads lead to Речной. Rechnoi is a huge transfer station in Novosibirsk. I strongly recommend this place for couples because there are a lot of things to do . Rechnoi has an amusement park, a dock for cruise ships and a place where you can enjoy water sports.

Lenin Square: All cities in Russia have a Lenin Square. The Square in Novosibirsk has an opera house, a museum and a philharmonic hall where we can observe Russianculture. I even sawa ballet performance in the opera house. Russia is well-known for ballet and I could enjoy a high-quality performance at a relativelycheap price compared to Korea.




Tips for Living in Novosibirsk




Structure of NSU New Building

Since the new building’s structure is a pentagon shape withfive sections, it is verycomplicated for the freshman at the start of the semesterto find the classroom. There are four numbers in each room in the new building. The first number means the floor where the room is located. The second number is the section. Then the other two numbers are for counting the room number on the specific floor and section. For example, room number 5210 means that it is the 10th room located in the second section and on the fifth floor in the new building.




Mobile Application

2gis: This is a kind of map application which is the most popularin Russia.

Yandex: Yandex is a Russian corporation similar to Google. In other words, Yandex is a search engine that provides lots of services such as taxi, translation, map and delivery.

Мой МТС(My MTS): This is the application that informs you of your telecommunication service state(only for those whouse MTS sim cards). It is similar to the ‘Mobile T World’ application in Korea.




Столовая(Student Restaurant)

Unlike Korea, buffet in other countries count the cost of each dish you eat. It means that the cost of my meal always varies at the Student Restaurant but 200 Rubles how much I spend on average. Compared to other restaurants near the university, it is so cheap that I have no choice but to eat when I want to save money. And even though it is cheap, it serves good quality food and it tastes good too. Isn’t it perfect?




Other Good Places to Enjoy

And that’s not all, there are a lot of other things I want to introduce about Novosibirsk. This is a list of NSU places that will enhance your Russian experience. I recommend searching the words by 2gis and enjoy the Novosibirsk life.




Restaurant: Peoples, Чашка Кофеchashka café), Spot & Choo, Siberian Burger, Veranda.

Supermarket in Akademgorodok: Торговый Центр, Ярче(Yarche)

Hypermarket: Гигант(Gigant), Едем(Edem), Галерея(Galleria), Лерта(Lenta), Аура, Мега(Mega), Ашан(Ashan), Икеа(Ikea)




Аура, Мега(Mega), Ашан(Ashan) and Икеа(Ikea) are gathered in the sameplace.




My goal is to enter amultinational corporation such as Google and Oracle. The experience in Novosibirsk helpsme pursue my goal with vigor. Siberia has a lot of possibility for the future. If you come here, you will agree with my opinion. Furthermore, can find the out that anything is possiblefor and your future. Do not hesitate go to Novosibirsk!

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