What is Your Happiness in Your Dormitory Life?
What is Your Happiness in Your Dormitory Life?
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What is Your Happiness in Your Dormitory Life?




Reporter, Kwon Sho-young




Dormitory people! Who among you are planning to live in the dormitories during the summer vacation? Did you have a satisfactory dormitory life last semester? Did you spend whole day in your room? Summer vacation is coming soon. Are you curious about what happy little things you can observe this summer in the dorms? Let's find out about it and prepare to enjoy those happy moments together!

(Unfortunately, this article will not mention the dormitories for medical students or the dormitories in Iksan because it aims to let people know about what most dormitory people can experience.)




Which Dormitories at CBNU?

Before knowing about the features of each dormitory, you mightbe curious about what 'gwan' stands for. It is a suffix that adds the meaning 'building'. So words written before 'gwan' arethe names of buildings.

- Daedonggwan, Pyeonghwagwan

These two dormitories were built in 2000. Daedonggwan houses 325 male students, while Pyeonghwagwan houses 450 female students. Many students are hesitant to live these dormsbecause theytoo old. In addition, theyprovide public bathrooms Aan amazing fact is there’s no curtain in the shower booth in Daedonggwan. Fortunately, there's the CBNU shuttle bus stop in front of these two dormitories and there are also free laundry .

- Chambitgwan

Chambitgwan was built in 2009. It consists offive buildings; 1,2,and5 are for 882 male studentsand buildings 3 and 4 are for 930 female students. The most special thing for students living in Chambitgwan is that they have the convenience ofhaving various foods nearby. They have a cafeteria underground, aconvenience store, a cafe, and restaurants on the ground floor. Plus, students can get their homework printed out at the stationery store.

- Saebitgwan

Saebitgwan was built in 2010. It is made up of 2 buildings. House 1 is for 403 male students, while Saebitgwan house 2 is for 560 female students. These buildings are connected facing each other. Furthermore, they are near the convenience store. There is a gym, a billiard table, a study room and table tennis for students. The thing that I was surprised about was that if you want to wash your clothes, you should use a charger type card.

- Hanbitgwan

Hanbitgwan was built in 2017, which is the newest. It houses 600 male students. Only first grade students who do the HRC residential program can live in a room for 6 people, and the rest of the students live in a room for 2 people. It is located right behind Saebitgwan 1, so its features are the same as Saebitgwan 1 and 2.




Happy Things that Dormitory Students can do during Summer Vacation

- Deokjin Park

Deokjin Park is a landmarkcity of Jeonju. It is centered around a natural pond, which dates back to the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392). It's also where you can see lotus flowers blooming so it is a very pleasant place to go walking with your roommate or friends, talking about daily concerns or issues. In the afternoon, you can see and hear music fountain shows . If you want to have an even more special time, check the times of the fountain shows. If you have younger brothers or sisters or if you want to escape the heat, then ride a duck boat!

- Amenities

Most ostudents stay in the dorms during the vacation to study. Every dormitory has a study room, so if you want to study outside of your room but you don't want to go out too far, then I suggest going there to do your work. If you feel like your health is getting worse, then you should the utilize gym, the table tennis, or billiards to improve your health!

- Convenient to Eat Various Foods

If you apply for school meals, you can eat three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. However, only meals at Chambitgwan areavailable on weekends. And those who don apply for school meals don't worry! There are two convenience stores that sell most of the things you need in your daily life, and restaurants that sell pizza, chicken, sandwiches and various Korean foods. Also, there's a cafe where you can buy beverages, coffee and cookies at a lower price. It'll be a good place to study with your friends!

As mentionedabove, it will be a waste of time to just spend the whole time in the room because there are various benefits that you can take advantage of! So why don't you spend more meaningful time in your dormitory life duringthis upcoming vacation?








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