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CBNU President Shares Snacks on the Starting Day


On anearly morning inMarch, Kim Dong-won, the president of CBNU and his staff gathered in front of the school gate to share 5,000 portions of bread and drinks with students and faculty members. It brought bright smiles othe campus as students and faculty members greeted each other after a long vacation. President Kim said, “After my inauguration, I started to convey a warm message and communicate with students. I am planning to visit students’ restaurants, laboratories and lecture rooms on a regular basis, and I will try to make university’s internal stability through not only communication but also sympathy.” He received positive responses as he continued to engage in close communication with students and other members of staff. Meanwhile, our university has been continuing the snack sharing tradition for many years to encourage students and teaching staff.



Shin Hyung-shik Wins the First ‘Chamgo-ngeun sang’ Award 


“For being a classical scholar who behaves well and is knowledgeable, we are giving this award for his effort to make healthy drinking habits and fund him in order to greatly help him for many years.” ‘Chamgo-ngeun sang’ is an award that ‘Writers Association of Jeonbuk’ gives a person of great devotion and desire to serve for younger and older literary people. The first winner of this prize was the poet Shin Hyung-shik. The ‘Writers Association of Jeonbuk’ said about their background of selection as, “Poet Shin is the best supporter for the literary people in Jeonbuk in material and a moral way.” Although, professor Shin had difficulties writing poetry because he is a professor of the engineering department, he said that he felt secure with his younger writers’ support, and he bought drinks to the meetings to show his gratitude to them.


CBNU Natural History Museum Is Selected as a Future Heritage Site


The Chonbuk National University Natural History Museum, which was used as a library in the early days of CBNU, has been selected as a future heritage site designated by Jeonju City. The future heritage site is both a tangible and intangible thing of modern and contemporary society in Jeonju that’s worth will be passed on to future generations. Jeonju city selects it every year to reinvent its value through institutional support. The Natural History Museum has high architectural value because of its well-preserved appearance and structure. The sign has been installed on the front of the building, which indicates that it is the future heritage site of Jeonju. Also, this museum has been introduced asthe Future Heritage Site section of the Jeonju city website to inform people about its value.



Korean-Foreign Student Matching Program Receives Favorable Evaluation 


Regional Leading University Development Project of CBNU received a favorable evaluation by the proceeding ‘Study Assistant Program’, mentoring program between students, for resolving difficulties in academic works. This program, has been running every semester since 2017, supports study clubs which focus on foreign student’s learning Korean and the improvement of Korean ability. Ten foreign students achieved good results like improvement of Korean and foreign language skills and acquisition of certificates. Furthermore, Korean students learned not only foreign languages, but also the cultures of various countries and it helped students of Korea and foreign countries cooperate with each other. Yoon Myeong-sook, chief of the Regional Leading University Development Project, said “This program is a very productive program which can bring the best of both worlds, internationalization of Korean students and improvement of academic ability of foreign students. And we will support more for constant improvement of students’ competitiveness.”


Students of the Faculty of Public Policy Participates in the Training of the National Assembly Academy


The students of the Faculty of Public Policy participated in the training course of the 2019 National Assembly College Academy held on 29th and 30th January. In the training sessions, students had time to study the role and function of the National Assembly and learn the legislation process and constitutional amendment, including students’ preparation for law schools and public officials. Particularly, students have expanded their horizons and broadened their understanding of legislative policies through meetings with lawmakers. A student who participated in the training said, “Although it was a very short training course, it helped us to understand the functions of the National Assembly and the overall process of legislative policy that are not easy to experience in the daily university curriculum.”

CBNU Celebrates the Commencement of 2018 



The commencement of the year 2018 was held at Chonbuk National University Cultural Center on February 22. At the ceremony, there were 127 doctors, 708 masters, and 2,779 college graduates who were granted with the degrees. The ceremony was broadcast live and various national flags were hoisted to inspire the self-esteem of the foreigner students. The president of CBNU, Kim Dong-won requested the graduates be ambitious and have courage in order to devote to the social community and our university. He said, “We appreciate your effort tostudy and research how to be the most influential social members, and hope great honors willbe with you. Do not be afraid of failing. I recommend you challenge yourself and try your best to reach your goals.”

7th Graduate of ACE Completes One Year Course


The Advance Course for Chief Executive(ACE) is a program of CBNU that consists of the opinion leaders in Jeollabuk-do area. ACE 7th participants had a completion ceremony after a year process in the Gain hall in Jinsudang on February 23. 41 graduates, including the president of CBNU, Kim Dong-won, and their families participated in the ceremony. The graduates donated 50 million won for the improvement of our university. The president of CBNU, Kim Dong-won said, “I would like to congratulate every graduate of the ACE course. I hope you work hard on developing the social community and the nation as well as CBNU, utilizing what you have learnt here.” Meanwhile, ACE is operated with high qualified lecturers and a differentiated educational program for the executives to learn the highest technology. All participants can build human network skills through various programs that are managed outside the university.


CBNU Students Receive Training at the Japanese Superb Company of Nondestructive Inspection



The CBNU CK-2 organization is well-received among students, by supporting them and sending students to overseas companies to learn practical education as well as the language and culture of different countries every winter vacation. 17 people visited Japan Probe in Yokohama, a company which specializes in nondestructive inspection, from January 15 to 26. During this training, students had classes such as ultrasonic level class, experience program and a beginning class of ‘Lab view’. Also, a language education class was by the Korean employees who work atthe company. A student of the Department of Electronic Engineering said, "It was very meaningful to visit a famous Japanese company related to nondestructive inspection and receive education on it. I hope these good opportunities will continue to support students."


CBNU Distributes ‘Campus Garden’ 


CBNU introduced the Campus Garden distribution program in 2015 and is still managed by the university today. This program is designed to stimulate urban agriculture and to promote communication between the local community and the university. To achieve these goals, CBNU hosted a variety of programs such as aeedling event, a harvest show and various experience education programs. These programs gained participants’ satisfaction and positive responses. Reflecting on this responses, CBNU decided to increase the sectors from 100 to 103. The

 distributed 103 sectors across 1,430m2 in the nearby College of

Agricultural Life Science Department; the size of one sector bein

g 13m2. Participants started to cultivate their gardens for a year

after orientation was held on April 27th. Moreover, CBNU plans to

provide basic farming education, gardening rulebooks and empirical

skill guidelines.

CBNU Produces Largest Number of Successful Candidates in the Middle School Teacher Recruitment Test


CBNU has produced 188 successful candidates in the 2019 middle school teacher recruitment test. This is a very high rate considering that theentrance quota of the College of Education is 215. CBNU operates preparatory classes for the test and providevarious support systems for students in each department. Professors especially have guided the student’s study groups and had a steady interest in their development. Also, systematic training, such as outside expert lectures and interview rehearsals, played an important role in helping the students pass the test. Kwon In-tak, the president of the College of Education, said, “The enthusiasm of students and professors is so great that CBNU has produced the largest number of successful candidates in the annual recruitment test. We will put more effort into creating the best teacher training school.”

CBNU Shares Masterwork of Stock Technology with Enterprise


CBNU Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding Center is sharing “Eco Probiotics Solution”, which helps in solving the problems of stock disease, environment and low production. The CBNU Center, Doozy Pork, which is a pork brand selling pork made by this technology, and Korea Medicare, which is a medical content corporation, signed a business agreement at CBNU College of Agriculture & Life Sciences oMarch 14. As a result, these three institutions decided to share the contents of the research and cooperate onthe sound symbiosis between humans and animals. Lee Hak-kyo, the principal of the Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding Center said, “Our researchers are proceeding with practical research, which will help relieve some anxiety problems. We also produce Korean high quality pork, applying eco probiotics solution technology with usage of the effective microorganism systematically.”

CBNU Establishes 8th Research Data Center in Korea


CBNU and the Statistics Korea have decided to establish the University's Research Data Center (RDC) for the eighth time in Korea. As a result, both organizations concluded an agreement in the conference room of the University Headquarters on March 18th, attended by major officials including Kim Dong-won, the president of CBNU, and Kang Shin-wook, the Commissioner of Statistics Korea. In accordance with the agreement, CBNU provides the facilities and space necessary for the establishment of the RDC. And the Statistics Korea supports the use of various statistical data through the RDC facility. Having a chance to use various data, training of experts in the financial industry and improvement of research competitiveness in economic and social science are expected.


































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