Live Itself Is the Miracle of Miracles
Live Itself Is the Miracle of Miracles
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Live Itself Is the Miracle of Miracles




Shermamatova Aizharkyn, Editor




“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle”. -Albert Einstein.

Does this quote make you think about your attitude toward your life? Do you agree that this life itself is a miracle? Unlike people who don’t believe in miracles at all, people who accept everything in this world as a miracle are more successful and happier with their lives. Just how magical is catching the sunlight on your face every morning and being with people who you love and respect?




I used to dream a lot as a child and in believed that magic happens in real life. As I grew up I stopped believing in miracles but reformed my dreams and plans for the future I always believed, that I couldget what I wanted if I believed in it and thoughtpositively about it. I could reach what I aimed for by living as if everything surrounding me is a miracle. Consequently, my positive intentions led me to get accepted to the university I wanted, to do many extracurricular activities and learn lots of new things from people more sophisticated around me. During my language training year, I have met students from every part of the world that I could not have imagined meeting before. While my university friends just focused on their major subjects, I tried to develop my skills aboutdiverse spheres and spend my university years without regret. Along with this,I kept thinking of every pass and success as a miracle and it paved the way for thegreat gratitude I now feel. Thus, I havethe tendency to believe in miracles every day and everywhere.




Briefly speaking, the more you believe and are grateful for your life the more you get back. With hope and gratitude, you pull your dreams closer. An everyday miracle lies inour attitude and our minds. I hope that everyone finds time to stop and takes a moment to recognize the miracles surrounding us. Maybe the biggest secret of Einstein’s success was his faith in miracles.

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