The Brief Look at Festivals & Events in 2019
The Brief Look at Festivals & Events in 2019
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The Brief Look at Festivals & Events in 2019

Shermamatova Aizharkyn, Reporter

This year, CBNU’s student council and the union of students' club both have the name of ‘KEU-DAE’ (Loving You). The 51st student council’s president is Park Ji-seok and the vice president is Lee Sol. The head officers of the 36th union of students' club are Lee Dong-min and Kwak Dong-hyun. They prepare many amusing events and festivals for CBNU students. Let’s get 2019 Festival & Event’s look started.

● Giving and Receiving Love with CBNU’s New Student Council ‘KEU-DAE’ (Loving You).
- 2019 Festivals & Events by the Student Council (*This table is subject to change.)
1. The opening ceremony and different events are held for the new 2019 semester for CBNU students.
2. One of the pledge projects is organized as a contest.
3. There is a trip to Baekdusan Mountain for finding the spirit and soul of the nation for the first project of Youth of CBNU.
1. There is a photo zone event under the theme of ‘Making Memories with the Windblown Cherry Blossom all over the Campus and You’.
2. Presentation on external and internal scholarships is on a consideration.
3. A late-night bus services will be run for safety during the mid-term exam-period.
4. The Student Council will run taxi in the campus for communications with students.
1. Busking Day is opened on the Memorial Square of CBNU, where students can show off their talents and abilities.
2. Unescapable annual festival – Daedong Festival is planned to take place in May with many more new contents and programs.
On period of finals there are night convenience stores, so students can receive necessary stuff and food up to late night.
Rural community volunteer activities are open with lot of diverse experiences and programs.
For the second project of Youth of CBNU, the trip is held to Vladivostok to celebrate 100-anniversary of the establishment of the first Korean provisional government in Russia.
1. Start-up and Employment Festival is organized for students’ job perspectives. The school institutions and succeed seniors who made their successful start-ups and careers share their employment experiences.
2. There is a fall festival with the Halloween concept for the first time in CBNU.
As for mid-terms period there is a simple program like Korean Quiz for strong correlation between Korean and foreign students.

Besides, the student council ‘KEU-DAE’ is working on additional programs like athletic competition, that wasn’t held in 2018. Their most significant concerns are to conduct events with minimum wasted money and maximum obtained experience. So, the student council is trying to spend the student union fee rationally and put students’ joy to first place. In terms of planning, there are several meetings inside the student council for gathering opinions of representatives of each department and doing many surveys on events. At last but not least, they work hard for facilitating 20,000 CBNU students’ education system, employment and welfare, to give attention to all positive and negative comments and always communicate with students to take best of the CBNU life with gratefulness and to hear ‘Thank you!’ from students.

● The Representative of Passionate Students, the Union of Students' Club

Many students may not know what the Union of Students’ Club does. The Union of Students’ Club is an independent student organization with 95 plus registered clubs. First of all, this student organization concerns itself with the welfare and benefits of 5,000 club members. So, they hold conferences every week, share positions of members, give and take feedbacks and conclude different events with manager. Exclusively, they are working on lending and remodeling the underground space of the Student Union Building #2, extending the entrance hours of the club buildings and Academic Cultural Center for different club activities. Finally, the association’s goals are to become one body with students through transparent communication and credibility, improving rules and bringing a direct election system to the thousands of valuable dear CBNU students.

● 2019 Festival & Events by the Union of Students’ Club (This table is subject to change.)
Winter vacations 2019
Applications for 2019 Registered Clubs and re-registration for 2019 Central Clubs opens in January. Meetings of representatives by division; filming a Lib Dub video; support fund and remodeling support projects; a meeting of representatives by clubs and Leadership Training (LT) for president members are held before the new semester starts.
2019-1st semester
After the semester starts, there will be a club recruitment period, club planning project and Dongin-je which is the main event of the association. Also, a short-term one-month health project, to helps overweight students lose weight and to help underweight and low muscle-mass students gaining weight and muscle. The objective is for project participants to become healthier with this project and get awards for their excellent executions.
Summer vacations 2019
Summer events are as following: a summer volunteer activity in fishing villages; a summer meeting of representatives by division; and a second Leadership Training (LT) for president members.
2019-2nd semester
There are not many events scheduled for the 2nd semesterA few of them include: snacks-sharing events during exam periods, the association presidential election, and other end-of-year events.

Summing up, this is just some brief information of the festivities and events for 2019 at CBNU. There are lots of events that will be added and get detailed and each of them has so many to learn and enjoy. So, why not cheer up the student organizations and participate in every event of CBNU in 2019?

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