Living as Me
Living as Me
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Living as Me

Roh Kyu-lee Editor-in-Chief

I was an introvert during my school days. It was hard for me to reject someone’s request, or to point out someone’s mistake. I thought that it was easier enduring inconvenience rather than saying bitter things to others. As time went by, I felt something was going wrong. Others’ requests were always prioritized over my own tasks, and my favor was considered very natural. Rejecting their favor made them unpleasant, causing them to develop ill feelings about me. I was very stressed about other classmates saying bad things about me, and couldn’t even focus on my own life.

Since then, whatever I did, I realized that my work and I should always be putfirst. I started to refuse tough requests. The first time I refused something, I received the kind of reaction I expected; frowning and murmuring. But then, others stopped asking me to do favors for them. Drawing out courage was a pretty tough challenge, but in retrospect, it was nothing really, and was very obvious. Now, I am living my own life, and things for myself always have to be prioritized.

After that, I took more courage to not lie or mislead others by not telling the truth. For instance, when someone asked me if a shirt suits or fits well, I always used to say positive things even though the shirt didn’t fit my friend. I was afraid of someone getting hurt from my honest opinions. However, these white lies don’t help to right solution. Objective words such as ‘That shirt does not suit you at all’ might make others feel unpleasant at first, but it will lead them to find a better shirt which fits perfectly and suits them.

Refusing and saying good comments confidently isn’t a bad thing, but many people just suppress their real intentions because they are afraid of growing apart from their surroundings. However, I think that if my acquaintances put distance between us because I refuse their favor, I would be just manipulated by them. My people won’t feel unpleasant if I refuse their favor unavoidably and don’t get hurt if I say something honestly if it doesn’t fit the others. Therefore, don’t be afraid and just live as yourself!

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