Hanok Building of Law School Opens Smart Lecture Room
Hanok Building of Law School Opens Smart Lecture Room
  • 승인 2018.12.27 15:57
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The opening ceremony of the ‘Song-eun school’, a smart lecture room in the Hanok building that had been under construction, was held on October 19. The construction of the Song-eun school was started in June 2017. The school has 73-seats and it was built with part of the donation coming from Kwak Bong-deok. The lecture hall will be used for various seminars, large scale meetings, and as a place to hold discussions. Ms. Kwak’s goal was to give scholarships to help develop talented students in the region. Upon making her donation, she expressed her wish for her husband, Ahn Hee-soo also known by his nickname Song-eun, to be remembered by younger students. To carry out her wish, upon her death in May (2018), her family members donated a large sum, 310 million Won, to the creation of the Song-eun Lecture Hall, a smart lecture room located in the Hanok Building of the CBNU School of Law.

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