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CBNU Ranks Second Among Flagship National Universities
2018년 12월 27일 (목) 15:54:19 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

CBNU ranked second place among the flagship national Universities, in the ‘QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) University Rankings: Asia 2018,’ for the fourth consecutive year. Among the universities in Korea, it’s been ranked 15th, and 96th among Asian countries. This evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of research capacity (60%), education level (10%), graduate evaluation (20%) and internationalization (10%) amongst 503 Asian and 57 domestic universities. CBNU showed strength in research by ranking 8th in the International Research Network index, 16th in academic reputation (30%), and 14th in citations per paper (10%). CBNU is elevating the name value, suggesting four brands: ‘nurturing distinctive adventurers’, ‘fostering world-class academic fields’, ‘creating a campus that many prefer to walk on’, and ‘constructing the most Korean style campus’. The Vice-President of CBNU, Kim Jae-min said, “Through hard works of CBNU members, the reputation of our university is getting higher. We will put much more effort on researching and reinforcing the educational competitiveness of CBNU.”

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