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Curator Lee Jong-cheol Receives Grand Award
2018년 12월 27일 (목) 15:53:16 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Lee Jong-cheol, a curator of the Chonbuk National University Museum, wrote the research paper “Thoughts on the Emergence and Development of Big Tree Rituals and Korean Totem Pole Rituals” in Hanguk Kogo Hakbo(Vol. 106). His research paper took the first prize out of 20 research papers in 2018. This research analyzed Sodo (a sacred district in Mahan, circa 1st–3rd centuries) and the rituals about a big tree and a Korean totem pole in an archeological way. The researcher tried to restore and explain the historical meanings, origin, and the development process of the rituals. It is highly evaluated since the research contributed to understanding the era. He said, “The limitation of historical records and the absence of data laid difficulties in researching Sodo. Nevertheless, just like the Korean saying ‘Respond to every change with unaltered values.’ I won’t stop working on the research.”

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