CBNU Receives Grand Prize for Best Educational Characterization
CBNU Receives Grand Prize for Best Educational Characterization
  • 승인 2018.12.27 15:52
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CBNU received very excellent evaluation reviews on its characterization of education sectors like nurturing adventurous talents. A university specialty media, University News Network (UNN) awarded the grand prize for educational characterization to CBNU. CBNU has improved its extracurricular activities by making CBNU’s own brand of ‘adventurous student’, introducing the Residential College Program, and Off-Campus Program. Through these efforts, CBNU achieved first place among all private and public universities three times in evaluation from Korean Standards Association, for the field of satisfaction of enrolled students. Chung Sung-suk, CBNU Vice-President said, “It is a big pleasure for all members, because CBNU is making efforts like making adventurous, talented students into the university’s leading talented brand, finally getting recognized for its excellent educational characterization. Furthermore, efforts like developing diverse programs and seeking educational reinforcment methods will be needed to maintain our reputation of educational characterization.”

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