CBNU Museum Exhibits Joseon Royal Literature
CBNU Museum Exhibits Joseon Royal Literature
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A meaningful exhibition where you can meet the essence of royal literature from the Joseon Dynasty was held at the CBNU Museum. As a part of the ‘2018 Jeonju International Biennale of Korean Studies’, special exhibition called ‘Jeonju, the home of the Joseon king and royal family’ was held from November 6th to November 19th on the third floor of the CBNU Museum. It was a collaboration between the CBNU Museum and the ‘Jangseogak Archives’ of The Academy of Korean Studies. There were totally 19 pieces of historical materials with extraordinary and artistic value, including two national treasure pieces. Kim Sung-kyu, the director of CBNU Museum, said, “This year is a meaningful year because it is the 1,000th year since the name ‘Jeolla-do’ was used. I anticipate this special exhibition will be an opportunity to shed new light on Jeonju”.

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