CBNU Attracts International Students in Thailand
CBNU Attracts International Students in Thailand
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CBNU participated in the ‘Office of Civil Service Commission (OCSC) International Education Expo 2108’, hosted by the Office of Civil Service Commission, from November 10th to 11th. It was presented in cooperation with the Korean Education Center in Thailand and participating universities of the Development of Regional Advancement University Project team. The Expo was successfully completed with participation from 378 universities from 25 countries including the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, France, and Australia. Students and parents, who visited CBNU’s booth showed a particularly active interest in detailed major areas like Electricity, Chemistry, Machinery and Specialized Medical fields. Yoon Myeong-sook, the president of this International Cooperation said: “To enter new areas like Thailand to create a new educational paradigm with middle & high school students and to foster international exchanges between CBNU and outstanding universities abroad could be a good direction to nurture talented individuals for not only flagship national universities but all local universities in Korea.”

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