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Professor Kim Cheol-sang's Team Develops New Cancer Treatment Technology
2018년 12월 27일 (목) 15:50:51 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

The research team of Professor Kim Cheol-sang and Professor Park Chan-hee in the Division of Mechanical Design Engineering, discovered targeting therapy of cancer cells. This result was published in the latest online edition of the world-renowned journal ‘NanoScale’. The existing anti-cancer treatments were performed only by drug treatment and heat treatment. However, this method had technical limitations in applying it to patients due to side effects that would damage not only cancer cells, but also normal cells. In response, the researchers developed a digital image of cancer cells and used AI (artificial intelligence) to navigate only cancer cells. This type of treatment has not yet been tested on human cancer patients. The researchers announced that the newly developed technology was actually confirmed through animal experiments by the team of Professor Jung Yong-yun at Chonnam National University. The results of the study are expected to have a significant impact on the existing anti-cancer treatment device market as well as the new market. Professor Kim Cheol-sang said, "We will work with local biotech companies to make more efforts for this device to become commercialized".

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