CBNU Students Win Prize at 6th K-Hackathon
CBNU Students Win Prize at 6th K-Hackathon
  • 승인 2018.12.27 15:50
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Students from the Department of Software Engineering and Department of Psychology at CBNU recently won a participation prize at the 6th K-Hackathon. Hackathon is a compound word of "hacking" and "marathon," which means hacking or developing programs at a certain time and place, like marathon. The “Find Me” application, developed by these engineering students, is a self-observant mobile application that provides internal reflection and recording services for college students who are in their 20s and don't have the opportunities to think about themselves. There are 100 questions and answers provided to ask the user about their life values, habits, strengths, dreams, visions, aspirations and desires. The answers to each of them are saved in their diary. The service is praised and expected by people, who are in their 20s, that it will help them find their values and design their life.

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