CBNU Holds Panel Discussion on Research of ICT Utilization
CBNU Holds Panel Discussion on Research of ICT Utilization
  • 승인 2018.11.01 15:41
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On August 29, experts in the field of livestock participated in a panel discussion on the use of ICT technology hosted by the CBNU Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding Center (AGBC). The theme of the discussion on the day was the status of smart farm ICT technologies, which are suitable for Korea. Experts sought early solutions to problems that could arise when this technology is applied to the field. The livestock industry deals with living animals, so the development of devices that can pattern data about physiological phenomena of many animals has been emphasized. Professor Lee Hak-kyo, leader of AGBC said, "ICT technologies and devices that utilize research findings can distinguish mating season, disease and abnormalities. Therefore, these technological developments will be able to increase the efficiency of farm management and quickly prevent infection and spread of disease.”

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