2010 to be first year leaping to world’s top class
2010 to be first year leaping to world’s top class
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"We’ll make
2010 the first year for leaping to the ‘global top class’ after 10 years."
CBNU held a kick-off meeting for the year January 4th. The meeting had an award ceremony and a new year’s address with the pledge of allegiance.
The team leader in the Student Affairs Office, Im Yu-young, was awarded the Prime Minister medal as an exemplary officer. Also, Choi Mi-young in the Academic Affairs Office and Lee Hui-moon in the College of Engineering were awarded medals from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(MEST). In addition, Lee was awarded a medal from MEST as an adviser for students’ volunteer work.
CBNU also had a ceremony to give the ‘KEN’ award to the best employees of the second half of 2009.
Jung Geuk-seop, team leader, and the Center for University–wide Research Facilities shared the prize.
Other winners are as follows:
Lee kyeong-chun and the Industrial Cooperation Foudation (Blue Ocean Medal); Seo Bu-san, Hoang Byeong-ho, Ji Jai-seong, Kim Jeong-sun, Yang Jeong-eun, Park Jung-ai and Gwon Gi-ju (Creative Medal); Park Hyeon-sun, Kim Wan-jung, Oh Gi-suk, Yu Mak-ryeo, Kim Il-su and Park Yang-sun(Challenge Medal); Sung Hyeon-gyeong and Jang Hwan-seok(Energy Conservation Award).

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