CBNU Startup Support Center Fosters ‘Public Startup Lectures’
CBNU Startup Support Center Fosters ‘Public Startup Lectures’
  • 승인 2018.11.01 15:39
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The actual startup lectures that are held by the CBNU Startup Support Center have been gaining huge popularity by playing the role of a ‘tow truck’ to foster talented startups. The CBNU Startup Support Center proceeded with the second round or series of public lectures from August 29 to 31. The lectures informed attendees about the fourth industrial revolution and provided diverse information on ‘startup of ICT-based Internet of Things (IoT)’. The education was completely free and people not only from Jeollabuk-do but also from other regions, participated in and showed great interest in this field. Moreover, the mentoring for the successful story on how the 4th industry leaders started their businesses with unique ideas was progressed. Kwon Tae-kyu, the head of the CBNU Startup Support Center, said “To solve various matters about startups and the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, we will actively support the startup projects.”

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