Veterinarian Kim Hyung-nyun Shows Continuous Love to CBNU
Veterinarian Kim Hyung-nyun Shows Continuous Love to CBNU
  • 승인 2018.11.01 15:39
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Since 2003, an alumnus of CBNU College of Veterinary Medicine, veterinarian Kim Hyung-nyun has been donating 20 million won to CBNU students every year. The total amount of donations accumulated amounts to 330 million won. Since he received a scholarship from the college when he had difficulties, he decided to voluntarily support the students at CBNU when he reached a level of success to be able to help others. In order to remember his generousness, the smart lecture room at the Iksan Specialized Campus, where the College of Veterinary Medicine is located, is named ‘Kim Hyung-nyun Hall’. He said, “I am grateful that I can now help the students as much as I was helped. I hope that the students who receive scholarships will also help other students in the future”.

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