CBNU Strengthens International Cooperation with Tallinn University
CBNU Strengthens International Cooperation with Tallinn University
  • 승인 2018.11.01 15:37
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CBNU makes efforts on extension of exchange with Tallinn University, which is one of the universities from the Nordic Baltic states. Through this international cooperation, CBNU is completing its goal of international cooperation with the Nordic Baltic states; Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. CBNU has been working on international cooperation with Latvia University’s laboratory of Korean Study by Korean language education and Korean study conference. Furthermore, CBNU strengthens its international cooperation with Lithuania through a student exchange program, welcoming Latvian students and sending Korean students to Latvia. President Lee Nam-ho said “Through this interchange, CBNU widens its prospects to not only western European and South East Asian countries but also to nations in the northern European region. Furthermore, we will do our best to nurture CBNU as the global flagship Korean national university by not only reinforcing regional interchange with Central Asia and Eastern Europe, but also prosecuting professors and student exchanges, as well as proceeding with a global collaboration program.”

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