Have You Ever Visited CBNU Restaurants?
Have You Ever Visited CBNU Restaurants?
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Greetings to all CBNU students! It is nice to meet you again in the Yummy Trail section. We hope that you have enjoyed some of the Korean, Western and Chinese cuisines near university presented in previous editions of the CBNU Globe, Yummy Trail section. This time we are going to introduce a few special public catering places which are managed by CBNU. Furthermore, we will be fully acquainted with the Global Food Culture Cooperative. Well, let’s start to observe “hot” places of CBNU!

● Only Hands: Handmade Pork and Craft Beer
Time flies! Exactly one year ago, the CBNU and Global Food Culture Cooperative opened a restaurant called “Only Hands,” under the leadership of The Animal Molecular Genetics and Breeding Center. This restaurant specializes in a healthy meat - Doozy pork and Jeonju craft beer. Only Hands has a diverse menu of ten special & simple dishes and primary dishes made by special method, steaks, pizzas and barbecue. Moreover, it has many popular alcoholic beverages, such as ‘Only Hands Lager’, ‘Gyeonggijeon’ and ‘Gaeksa Night Dark’. Today, Only Hands is a “must visit” restaurant in Gaeksa, which is a popular hangout place in Jeonju. Furthermore, it has an amazing atmosphere emanated by an extraordinary interior, nice music and delicious food.
Location: 100, Jeonju, Gaeksa 1-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju
Working days: Everyday 4pm ~ 2am, closed on Mondays
Phone: 070-4038-5023
- Interested in Doozy Pork and Jeonju Craft Beer?
Simply saying, Doozy Pork is a healthy meat which people controlled all the processes of getting meat - choosing a healthy pig, then breeding it with special treatments, such as feeding probiotics and growing it in a less stressful environment. Therefore, Doozy Fork contains a large amount of Omega 3 and vitamin C, which is good for the human body.
- Jeonju Craft Beer is real local craft beer, brewed from a traditional recipe, made of 100% Korean barley.
● Fresh, Delicious, Close by; It Is All About Hammy Yummy!
It is hard not to notice a Hanok style shop near the Old Gate - Hammy Yummy café, which is operated directly by CBNU Ham. Furthermore, this cafe was designated as one of the top five among superior university enterprises. The zest of Hammy Yummy is the ham that has been produced since 2004 through the cooperation of different departments at CBNU. Today, Hammy Yummy has a large menu with delicious sandwiches, offering two sizes: 15 or 30cm, with four options of bread (barley, oatmeal, white and parmesan). Furthermore, the menu also contains a selection of kebabs, salads, grilled sausage and drinks, such as coffee, homemade tea, smoothies and more. We recommend you visit Hammy Yummy and try a bite of gourmet sandwich with various drinks. The charm of Hanok architecture paired with a delicious meal, will make your day happy!
Location: 567, Baekje-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju (Old Gate)
Working days: Everyday 9am~8:30pm
Phone: 063-270-4989
● What is the Global Food Culture Cooperative?
While reading this article, you may be curious about how the Only Hands restaurant was established. The significant work was done by the Global Food Culture Cooperative (GFC), which is a cooperative of organizations such as, The Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding Center, CBNU CK Happy, International Agricultural Development and Cooperation Center, Institute of French and African Studies and Science, Civilization in Korea Series, and the Doozy Group. The main goal is to contribute to the development of South Korea’s industries such as, agricultural life, grocery and culture through uniting enterprises with College of Natural Science and College of Humanities. Furthermore, welfare promotion and mutual help through independent, self-reliant and autonomous activities based on purpose of cooperative and making brand to foster agriculture and stockbreeding fields. The last goal is creating jobs for young generations. As it is known, Only Hands restaurant provides an internship and job opportunities to CBNU students!
● Interview with Yoon Jin-weon the Head of the Global Food Culture Cooperative
- Would you please introduce yourself?
Hello! My name is Yoon Jin-weon. I started to work in this area as a member of The Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding Center. Now I am director of the Doozy Group and Executive Director of the Global Food Culture Cooperative. Furthermore, I am undertaking the responsibility as president of the Only Hands initiative.
- Can you tell us a creation fable of Global Food Culture Cooperative?
The Global Food Culture Cooperative was established by the Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding Center, which is managed by CBNU. At that time, many problems regarding animal husbandry and breeding were the main focus. This stimulated researchers to find ways to solve these kinds of problems. Later, it was discovered that a probiotic plays a significant role in pigs’ organism and pigs can’t digest in stressful environment. Afterward, we got collaboration with several farms and started to insert good probiotics into the pigs’ colon to help the pigs’ immunity and make its environment less stressful. This method helps pigs to withstand disease and provide tasty and healthy meat. Next, we established a brand called ‘Doozy pork’, which provides quality pork for the customer and decided to expand our territory to the restaurant industry. After a successful result, we decided to make a cooperation to collaborate with community, professors, students and keep growing in this sphere. This was the main idea of establishing the Global Food Culture Cooperative.
- Does the Global Food Culture Cooperative have any further plans or aims?
The Global Food Culture Cooperative has several aims. First, we hope to expand the number of GFC members. We would also like to develop beef, mutton (lamb), and a variety of commodities such as coffee and yogurt, among others. All these areas will be based on modern technology and current theses, dissertations, and researches of CBNU professors and students. This will lead to new food brands in the Jeonbuk area and beyond, as well. Furthermore, GFC will provide meaningful opportunities for CBNU students to realize their own startups, giving them valuable work experience and hope for a good career.
This time we learned more about food industries managed by CBNU. To be honest, The CBNU Globe reporters were amazed by the great work done by professors and students. We hope that this kind of work will play an important role in CBNU students’ lives!

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