Three retired civil servants of CBNU get government medal
Three retired civil servants of CBNU get government medal
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Three retired
CBNU officers, Oh Won-tae, Jin Seong-ha and Lee Young-bok, recently received government medals.
Suh Geo-suk, the president of CBNU, held the awards ceremony December 30th and presented government medals to each of them.
On that day, officers Oh and Jin were awarded Nokjogeunjung medals. In addition, Lee was awarded a Geunjung medal.
Officer Oh had a big role in various volunteer activities and independent student activities over 40 years. Also, Officer Jin helped to build the main buildings such as CBNU head office, CBNU Hospital and a lot of other college buildings over 34 years. In particular, he established achievements in energy conservation projects through the modernization of existing buildings. In this way he laid a groundwork for CBNU to receive an excellent rating.
Officer Lee contributed to improving library service through managing an open library for residents for 32 years. Also, he established a large contribution to the development of libraries by repairing damaged books by himself.

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