CBNU Students Help Victims of Forest Fire in Greece
CBNU Students Help Victims of Forest Fire in Greece
  • 승인 2018.09.05 10:22
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CBNU’s Ck-1 Creative Human Resources Development Center for New Korean Wave voluntarily helped people affected by the recent huge and damaging forest fire in Greece. Originally, they went to Greece to participate in 12th New Korean Wave Festival in Greece. They planned to perform in the New Korean Wave Festival at Syntagma Square. But a rampant forest fire on July 23rd put the whole country in a state of mourning. Instead of a festival, the team participated in voluntary efforts. Thirty professors and students worked at the Marathon Emergency Relief Supplies Distribution Center to support victims of the forest fire on July 26th. The local press broadcast this volunteer work and Ck-1 received many ‘thank you’ from those who watched the broadcast. Leader of Ck-1, Professor Kim-Geon, said “While preparing for the festival, I heard about the forest fire in Greece. It made me think about how we could do something to help the victims. So we participated in volunteer work. It took a little strength. But we did our best to ease the heavy hearts the citizens of Greece.”

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