Students in Yeongnam and Honam Harmonize in Dokdo
Students in Yeongnam and Honam Harmonize in Dokdo
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A meaningful time of harmony between students of representative universities in Yeongnam and Honam areas was spent on Dokdo Island. CBNU and KNU (Kyungpook National University) held a ‘Country Love Dokdo Love Tour of 2018’ from June 25 to 28 on Ullengdo Island and the whole area of Dokdo. The tour was designed to inform participants about the values of Dokdo Island and to harmonize both regions through exchanges between the two universities. Students of both universities listened to special lectures related to Dokdo from KNU’s professor Park Jae-hong on June 25th. President Lee Nam-ho said, “Visiting Dokdo will fulfill patriotism through communication between the two regions’ students. We are conducting this bonding time with KNU because we want to raise up a diverse body of talented youth.” Also, he said, “I hope all students of CBNU have correct historical consciousness through this visit and have a sense of unity with others.”

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