Members of CBNU raise university education capability for themselves
Members of CBNU raise university education capability for themselves
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CBNU, which has received five billion won from the government, seeks for ensuring internal stability through new projects.
CBNU invited 142 teams to present creative new ideas for the reinforcement of its education capability from December 12th 2009, after which it selected seven teams.
In this contest, 170 students, 14 faculty members and 32 staff participated to show their efforts for raising the university’s education capability.
The ‘1 person per 1 dream’ idea of staff member Lee Jung-hui is an idea to make students accomplish their goals through a mentor’s help. Also the ‘reinforce major’s capacity’ idea of student Lee Dai-sung covers the older and the younger students’ mentoring programs, managing study groups and exploring companies and labs related to major.
In addition, the ‘morality leader program’ of student Lee Byeong-woo, the ‘multimedia teaching plan project’ of Kim Yong with five other staff members, the ‘CBNU student, be crazy in contest!’ of student Park Byeong-gwon, the ‘Understanding of a local community’ of professor Ou Il-seok and the project of reinforcing education capacity through smart phones of student Choi Ji-hyeon were all chosen.

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