CBNU Chosen as ‘Preparatory Self-Improving University’
CBNU Chosen as ‘Preparatory Self-Improving University’
  • 승인 2018.09.05 10:16
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On June 20th, CBNU was chosen as a ‘Preparatory Self-Improving University’ by the Ministry of Education and Korean Educational Development Institute through the Evaluation of University Basic Capabilities. Preparatory universities will be designated as a ‘Self-Improving University’ at the end of August through objection and sanction against corruption. If CBNU is selected, the government will support general finance without reduction in enrollment from next year. Unlike, specified financial support, which has limited usage, the general financial support can be used for a variety of purposes. The government designated around 60% of all domestic universities, which have the capacity to restructure themselves. In 2015, CBNU got the best grade, an “A” in the first stage of the University Structural Reform Assessment. Then, it continued getting good grades in the second stage, resulting its selection as a University of Self-Improvement.

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