Startup Support Center Helps Local SMB to Export
Startup Support Center Helps Local SMB to Export
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CBNU’s Startup Support Center helped different regional enterprises succeed in exporting goods to other Asian countries. From June 25th, for six days, The Startup Support Center contracted $230,000 worth of MOU’s through efforts from “the Global Market Exploration Team” who visited Thailand and Vietnam earlier this year. This activity has been in process since 2015, and was initiated by the Startup Support Center to support local SMB’s (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) entering the global merchandise market. These activities resulted in many outcomes. First, the participating enterprises could additionally be matched with prospective buyers in Thailand and Vietnam. Second, the companies could research the local market to monitor their items. Lastly, the business could be counseled according to the buyer’s feature. Kwon Dae-kyu, the head of the CBNU Startup Support Center, said “We will make an effort to discover outstanding local enterprises and help them to reach various countries, in addition to Vietnam and Thailand.”

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