Let’s be a Smart Part-Time Job Seeker!
Let’s be a Smart Part-Time Job Seeker!
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Second semester lectures have begun as autumn comes closer to us. Are you planning to greet this new semester with something new to achieve? If you are getting allowance from your parents, this is your chance to become economically independent. We will help you to become a smart part-time job seeker!

● Basic Information You Need to Know about Your Part-Time Job
1. Hourly Pay
The first thing you might wonder when you are seeking a part-time job is, what will “The minimum wage of 2018” be. It was 6,470 Won per hour in 2017, but now it has risen 16.4 percent to 7,530 Won. In addition, next year, it will rise to 8,350 Won, which is the first time to touch the level of 8,000 won.

2. Working Hours
By law, the national working hours per week were decreased from 60 hours down to 52 hours per week. Originally, the Ministry of Employment and Labor designated a week unit as ‘five days during the weekdays’. Saturdays and Sundays were calculated as ‘holiday work’. So, most Koreans were stipulated to work 52 hours during weekdays (eight hours per day + 12 hours for overtime work) and 16 hours (eight hours per day) on the weekends. But, after the revision, the definition of a work-week was altered to ‘seven days’. Since last February, the National Assembly has admitted national working hours as 52 hours (40 hours per week + 12 hours for overtime work). Businesses and public organizations with more than 300 employees must maintain 52 hours of work per week from July 1st, 2018, accordingly.

3. What Must Be Written Down on an employment Contract?
① Worker’s information (name, age, etc.)
② Place, location of work
③ Type of work
④ Employment period
⑤ Starting & finishing time, including rest time
⑥ Date of contract
⑦ Name of employer
⑧ Finish!

● Is That a Part-Time Job?!
1. Upcoming Halloween Day- Horror Experiencing Job
As people are getting more interested in experiencing scary things, many Haunted House places are opening up. If you are looking for short term, seasonal part-time jobs and are brave around scary and terrifying things, then this job will fit you. The required ability is to host customers at the counter, and to make sure they have a s-p-o-o-k-y time. In addition, the most popular job on this day is for a “Halloween make-up artist,” who creates gory, scary scars on people’s faces.

2. Morning Call Job
“Please, wake me up at 5AM!” ~~ A morning wake-up call operator job is a new kind of part-time job that is in the spotlight these days, thanks to the busy routines of most Koreans, juggling family, work, social schedules, exercise and more. Most applicants for this kind of part-time work are teenagers, university students and job seekers who have spare time in the morning. They earn approximately 1,000-1,500 Won per call. It requires a particular skill to be able to wake customers up politely. Additionally, some customers ask workers to provide nagging, giving morning tasks such as feeding the dog or checking messages, informing about the day’s weather forecast, or reading famous quotes for them.

3. Wedding Guest Impostor
Have you ever been to your cousin’s wedding ceremony? Aren’t there many friends taking pictures with your cousin? This scene seems quite familiar. Some grooms and brides these days are afraid of just a few guests showing up at their wedding. So, they seek similar-aged people who pretend to be their old friends. Successful candidates for this job certainly need to participate in the wedding hall activities including standing in the group photos. It’s a golden opportunity to earn big money in a short time.

4. Professional Farter, Fartist, Flatulist
At the start of this year, there was an amazing announcement on the internet that said, “We want some people with loud farts”. ‘Fart panty experiment’, which is the official name of this experiment requires applicants to come to their office ready to make quite “loud” farting sounds, since they need to estimate their fart sound in a standard of 90 decibels. Considering that the average range of thunder is 90 to 130 decibels, it should be rather loud. If you enjoy farting and have loud farting skills, you will be an excellent flatulist!

● Useful Applications to Find Part-Time Jobs
1. Albamon & Alba-Chunkuk
Do you remember the the two apps, Alba-Chunkuk and Albamon? The reason for introducing these two apps is because of their similar purposes and features. As you might have already guessed, they were developed to help you find various jobs easier. Generally, they provide information about recruitments of enterprises considering worker’s region, academic ability, job classification, period of available working time. Generally, they assist with company job recruitment based on potential employees’ preferred region of employment, academic qualifications, job classification, and work availability.
These two apps also provide online job application forms with the ability to upload your resume, include your basic personal information, and educational background.

2. CBNU Bulletin Board for Job Seekers
There is a job seeking website also for CBNU students! If you want to find a job near CBNU or a job that is related to your major, this website might fit you! You can find this website through the CBNU website Community-Geonji Gwang-jang.

Was this article about tips to be a smart job seeker and information about unique jobs interesting? You might find non-traditional part-time job after reading this column. Moreover, you might achieve not only economic independence, but also psychological independence! Let’s be a smart job-seeker and worker!

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