The Hottest Place in Jeonju: JUMF 2018
The Hottest Place in Jeonju: JUMF 2018
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This summer was the hottest on record for Korea, and the weather in Jeonju was no exception. Everybody was so tired and gloomy because of the heat. People look for ways to get rid of the heat by eating various foods and doing water related activities. I personally looked for ways to get cool and found the Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2018 (JUMF 2018). The Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2018 turned out to be the hottest place in Jeonju and I was actually fulfilling the proverb ‘fighting fire with fire’. Let’s find out about this year’s festival!
Before we start, we should know the basics about this event. JUMF 2018 was held from August 3rd to August 5th at the Jeonju Stadium and many artists like iKON and Heize came to this event. I was allowed to review and take pictures of this festival by entering as a member of the press. There were many zones to experience at the festival, but I will review only four of the zones. The first zone is related to the show itself. I went into the standing zone and watched the show with an energetic audience. However there were places to see the show sitting down or in a tent for the less energetic. The Next zone was the food zone. There were various kinds of food from kebabs to cube steaks. They all smelled and looked delicious but were likewise expensive. My fellow reporters and I tried the beers, watermelon drinks, and all kinds of foods. We all agreed that the beers were the best because they made the heat go away in an instant. The third zone was the Event & Partner zone. The partners for the festival had booths with exciting games that gave out great gifts to the winners and there was also a ‘fan meeting’ booth. We tried the games at the Emart and Item Mania booths. At the Emart booth, we played the ‘push the buttons in time’ game. Surprisingly, we all got the best scores and each got the first place prize, which was an air bean bag. At the Item Mania booth, we did the ‘water balloon toss’ game and got fans and stickers as prizes without getting wet. We all agreed on that day that we were lucky. The last zone is the water zone. Because of the heat, there were a lot of hoses and machines that were sprinkling water everywhere. At first, when I was hit by the water, I felt unlucky because of the awkward feeling on my skin but after a few minutes in the sun, I was really thankful for feeling refreshed by the water. Also, there was a swimming pool with mostly young elementary students, so I couldn’t go in.
In the end, the Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2018 was a great place to feel the energy of the youth in this hot and tiring weather. This was actually my first music festival to experience in person, but I think it will be my best because I could spend a lot of fun time with my fellow reporters. I am looking forward to JUMF 2019 and will definitely be there!

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