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CBNU Tasty Road: Western Food
2018년 06월 29일 (금) 14:14:39 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr


Tasty day, everyone! Are you spending your summer vacation valuably? Some might spend their vacation studying for their future, while others may travel around the world or Korea to enlarge their experience. However, the driving force of these activities is ‘foods’. You have to eat well to spend your vacation valuably. For those who can’t go out to play for many reasons, we prepared three western restaurants around CBNU. So why not enjoy them?


Energy Station

-Location: 18, 4th Myeongryun Street, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju
-Open & Close: 11:00 am ~ 22:00 pm, closed every Sunday
-Phone Number: 063-251-1051
-Main Menu: Philadelphia pan pizza: 9,900 won
-2% shortage…!: It would be nice if there were some plated honey!


-Reporter’s Review: This restaurant isn’t very famous, but among students of CBNU it is famous for its pizza. The unique menu here is ‘pan pizza’, which is pizza you can eat with a spoon. We ordered the best menu ‘Philadelphia pan pizza’. The dough was very thin and chewy and was covered with mozzarella cheese. What makes this pizza special is the small slices of Philadelphia cheesecakes on the pizza. These cold cheesecakes create harmony with hot cheese and chewy dough, which gives a marvelous taste. I recommend eating this pizza when it’s hot, because the cold cheesecakes make the pizza twice tastier.

Place B

-Location: 319-1, Gwonsamdeuk Street, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju
-Open & Close: 11:30 am ~ 22:00 pm, closed every second, fourth Monday
-Phone Number: 063-714-3033
-Main Menu: Peace B Pasta: 13,000won
-2% shortage…!: It would be nice if there were seats for four people.


-Reporter’s Review: I've heard about this restaurant a lot, but I've never seen it before. You might not find this store until you walk into the alley to get to the store. Peace B pasta is sold in limited quantities. Wide and flat noodles and spicy cream sauce are used in this pasta. Perilla leaves and meat that looked like char siu were on the top as toppings. The meat was not tasty like char siu, but it was still soft and matched well with the sauce. Moreover, you should also try chicken pilaf here!

Café Trompette

-Location: 18-7 3rd Myeongryun Street, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju
-Open & Close: 11:00 am ~ 22:00 pm Every day
-Phone Number: 063-252-9990
-Menu: Spicy shrimp cream pasta: 15,000 won
-2% shortage…!: It would be nice if there were more tables.


-Reporter’s Review: This restaurant is hot on SNS these days. First of all, when the food came out, the visual was very great. Since the name of this menu is ‘spicy’ shrimp cream pasta, spicy seasoning was scattered on half of the food and raw egg yolk was in the middle. I am very weak at eating greasy foods but thanks to the spicy powder, it wasn’t that greasy. But I think this cream sauce wasn’t really greasy like other cream sauces, either. The shrimp in it were bigger than I expected and were cooked very well. The biggest strength of this pasta is the balance between the cream sauce, shrimp, egg yolk and spicy powder. You might think this combination awkward, but when you try this, you might feel the new world.

Was the article about Western food interesting? You might have already known some restaurants, and some might be new places to check out! If you're wandering about visiting these restaurants after reading this article, why don't you just try going there? Maybe you can feel the new world! See you in September with more exciting and helpful information!

Roh Kyu-lee Reporter, Kim Hye-min Cub-Reporter

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