CBNU Succeeds in the Young CEO Free Market
CBNU Succeeds in the Young CEO Free Market
  • 승인 2018.06.29 14:05
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The CBNU Startup Support Center held the ‘2018 Young CEO Free Market’ successfully. This event gave an opportunity for the students who dream of establishing a business to publicize their creation and to check the market response for it. Various kinds of products such as traditionally made accessories and food of local produce got a great response from students and local citizens. The CBNU Startup Support Center provided a chance for the Jeollabuk-do students to become the excellent young CEOs with outstanding products. Furthermore, they are resolving the small problems of markets and help nurturing the young CEO culture. A student who participated in this event said, “It was a great opportunity to specify my business plan by actually selling and commercializing the product”. Kwon Dae-kyu, the head of the CBNU Startup Support Center, said “We will give unstinting support to vitalize the startups for the local young people”.

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