CBNU holds Children’s Day Festival
CBNU holds Children’s Day Festival
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Children’s Day at CBNU was full of children’s laughter and happiness. CBNU holds the Children’s Day festival every year to strengthen communication with local residents. Institutions and departments of CBNU prepared 20 experiential booths to welcome children. The guests enjoyed various activities such as vegetable-soap making, board games composed of math principles, traditional Korean games, making different shapes and characters out of wood, balloon art and much more. Furthermore, a tour of the CBNU Museum, Library and Natural History Museum was organized and an animation cartoon movie was displayed for children in the CBNU Museum. President Lee Nam-ho said, “CBNU has organized big Children’s Day events since last year in order to sympathize and keep communication doors with Jeonju residents open. I hope lots of residents had an unforgettable day at CBNU.”

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