CBNU Nurtures Big Data Talented Young Students
CBNU Nurtures Big Data Talented Young Students
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CBNU was selected as a university which nurtures talented people with big data by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the Korea Data Agency. This is a project to raise professionals of big data, which is a precondition of the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, CBNU was in the process of recruiting 33 students by May 28 and then nurtures them to become big data specialists from June to August. In particular, this education is expected to contribute to fostering integral and multiple big data talented people and improve the employment rate by watching the phenomenon from the eye of humanities and suggest solutions through IT technology. Professor Yang Dong-min said “Since it is essential to have big data technology for culture and economic progress, it is CBNU’s duty to nurture big data talented people in Jeolla-do. Also, we will cooperate closely with CBNU’s professors from various departments to raise the best big data talented people with high quality professional education.”

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