CBNU Chosen for Business R&D Industrial Internship
CBNU Chosen for Business R&D Industrial Internship
  • 승인 2018.06.29 13:58
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The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) chose the CBNU College of Engineering for a ‘Regional Small and Medium Business R&D Industrial Internship Program.’ This is a project in which the excellent Small and Medium Businesses and universities cooperate to promote employment by linking business with education. Companies accept students from the College of Engineering to train in this program. After being selected as the first stage project supervision institution, CBNU was reappointed for the second stage this year. The University will provide government support and help students to gain experience in business and get a job afterwards. The College of Engineering plans to send graduating students to companies in Jeonllabuk-do. Kim Chul-saeng, the Dean of the College of Engineering, said, “We will make an effort to develop Jeonllabuk-do by creating a cooperative model for universities and local businesses to grow and to solve the student unemployment problem.”

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