Feel the CBNU Life through Daedong Festival!
Feel the CBNU Life through Daedong Festival!
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Food Truck Zone – Wide Range of Food Option

From May 23 to May 25, the Daedong Festival was held. The Daedong Festival is an annual event on the CBNU campus, where most students participate. In comparison to last year, the student pub was banned due to the new hygiene law. So instead of that, NAE-IL-RO, the student council expanded the food truck zone and allowed students to bring alcohol from outside. We would like to give you a brief tour of the Daedong Festival.

Dream Station – Put Wings on Your Dreams

The Dream Station is a great event hosted by NAE-IL-RO for those who want to get useful information or help about school programs. Surprisingly, Dream Station was not a program run by one booth. It was organized among many booths, which had different themes such as volunteering, start-up, writing, belt program. Each booth explains different programs. When you complete the program each Dream station booth gave you, you’ll get a stamp. By collecting four stamps to submit it, your name is on present lottery system!

CBNU Signal – Our Funny Love Story

On the first day of the festival, CBNU Signal brought students sympathy and laughs. Before the festival, students sent their stories with songs via email. So, it was a kind of radio program. After the MC read a story from a student, crowds sympathized with the stories, they laughed or got angry at the senders for behaving as excellent listeners. With the story they played a song, which the sender wanted to listen to together with their audience. Sometimes crowds were amazed by the sender’s sense for picking songs that came along with their stories.

Healing Zone – I Need Some Healing Time

The healing zone held various events on the front yard of the CBNU Museum from 11am to 5pm for students to feel in better mental condition. Students could borrow airbed mattresses and have a rest on the lawn under equipped parasol umbrellas for as long as they wanted. Also, there was a mini cafe with refreshing menu items and some board games for enjoying healing time with friends. Summing up, laying on the airbeds was not a time-wasting activity for students, rather it was a useful time for observing the movements of clouds and revivifying in a harmony with nature.

Food Truck Zone – Wide Range of Food Option

Singers Performance- Evenings with Celebrities at CBNU

The food truck zone, which had many food trucks, sold a variety of foods, such as chicken kebab, fried chicken, Takoyaki, hot dog, and French fries. In the evening, people began to gather around the food truck zone. Until dawn, many people ate and drank in the food truck zone. Although students were banned from serving alcohol at their own pubs for legal issues, they gathered to talk and enjoy with alcohols which they brought from outside.

Daedong Song Festival – Who is the CBNU Singer?

There was a Daedong Song Festival at the second day of the festival. The talented performers sang songs that they chose and performed an exciting talent show for the student audience, filled with singing and dancing. In particular, there was a scene where the boyfriend of the tenth participant appeared on stage and proposed to his girlfriend. Everyone was excited and laughing. Totally there were ten participants showing off their singing talent. Ranking was decided by student votes. The eighth team, Yang Chang-pie, performed a song called “Lay me down” and won the grand prize.


Flea Market – Varied Experience with Many Booths

A flea market was held on the street at the Old-gate. Various clubs or individuals opened booths to sell or hold events. Good Neighbors Good Day, a central club, held bracelet making, face painting, and drawing booths. Resident College Venture Floor held snack sales, slime making, face painting, and flower sales booths. In addition, many students have experienced various booths, making perfumes, making jelly, and observing artwork, etc. Revenue of some booths would be donated.

Jeon Ye-Rim, the Dept. of Commerce and Trade

What kind of activity did you do?

I participated in the Deadong Festival Flea Market that is one of the Resident College Venture Floor programs. So, I was selling French marigolds that were planted in a pot and were grown on the Eco floor in the Residential College dormitory.

Did you have any difficulties operating the booth?

As we operated the booth on the last day of the festival, there were few people, who came to our booth. People were more interested in accessories or face painting than French marigolds. So, there were challenges in selling them.

What kind of experience did you gain?

In the beginning of the booth operation, it was difficult to sell because there were only a few customers and I was embarrassed by people who didn't look at me despite the fact that I was talking to them to advertise our product. But, I felt a sense of accomplishment by selling the French marigold because I did the whole process by myself.

Singers Performance- Evenings with Celebrities at CBNU

Dynamic Duo

One of the famous Korean hip hop duos-Dynamic Duo opened the Daedong Festival with their dynamic passion and songs. CBNU students could enjoy the festival with the best Dynamic Duo performances such as: “BAAAM”, “No Make Up”, “Jam” and some other new songs. Despite of the breezing evening, the atmosphere that their songs created engaged students very much. So, students were free to dance and rap together with them throughout the whole performance. The first day of the Daedong Festival ended with a big applause for the Dynamic Duo with lots of good expectations for the next day of this amazing festival.


On the second day of the festival, world-renowned star performer, PSY appeared. He is already known around the world for his big hit songs "Gangnam Style", "I luv it", "Daddy" and "Gentle Man". Even before Psy appeared, the festival was already very hot, and the audience cheered much louder when he appeared. Psy was moved by the enthusiasm of these students. So, he sang as many as 15 songs. At the same time a huge crowd of people enjoyed singing together. When Psy sang "Father" during the concert, this was the part of the scene where people in the audience turn on or shake their phone flashlights and sing along to a very beautiful song.

High Schools Rappers

For the High School Rappers performance, Yoon Jin-young, Jo Won-woo and Kim Yoon-ho warmed up the stage with their buzzworthy raps even if they were still young and fresh rappers. Also, they received generous public attention and responded warmly with their amazing raps such as: “Clloud”, “H2ADIN” and others. All students were supporting them, and they could remember their high school memories, at the same time enjoy the whole festival by watching these wonderful teenage rappers. We hope to see these guys in future festivals, too.


On the last day of the festival, the Korean solo singer Sunmi brighten the last hurrah of the Daedong Festival. Sunmi is quite a legendary long run singer in Korea. She was once a member of a group called “Wonder Girls”, formed by JYP Entertainment. After “Wonder Girls” disbanded, she rose once again as solo artist performing hits such as “24 Hours”, “Full Moon”, “Gashina”. Among all the celebrities who performed Sunmi received the most applause for her wonderful show. Besides her awesome performance she touched the crowd with a little event she planned. With help from the Emcee, she picked five fans from the audience and gave them a gift box which contained her personal autographed CDs, lipstick, wallet, and more surprises.

Over the years the Daedong festival has been a main university festival amongst diverse universities in South Korea. It is important to study hard but also, it’s important to rest well. Eventually, festivals help to rest physically and mentally, to be a part of the university’s social environment and taking the best memories to last a lifetime. So, why not participate in and get positive energy from the future Daedong festivals and many other university festivals of CBNU?

Bang Do-won, Shermamatova Aizharkyn, Reporters & Park Yang-geon Cub-Reporter

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