Life’s Seasons
Life’s Seasons
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For you freshman students, congratulations on completing your first semester at Chonbuk National University! Good job, everyone! Now, summer season is here! It’s time to get outside, hit the beach, and have some fun in the sun. Before heading out, first, let’s learn an important life lesson.

I’d like to talk about seasons that we are given in life. Just as the seasons of the year come and go, we also go through seasons in life. Elementary, middle and high school years were different seasons. Your time at university is another season. For the men, military service is a challenging season. Getting into a serious relationship, and eventually marriage, is yet another season. These are certainly significant times in our lives.

How about when you and a close friend have a bad argument and never make up? Friends are people in our lives for seasons as well – sometimes for short seasons, perhaps one semester at university, or maybe you are friends during high school throughout your whole life, for a very long season.

The same changing of seasons goes for changing of places we live. We may grow up in one place, complete all education there, get married and raise children, all in the same familiar surroundings. Or life may lead us to a different location for university, then further education overseas, and maybe marrying and settling in a new place. Living in different places is like going through different seasons in your life journey.

How do we deal with the ending of a season? This can be a real challenge for some people. You may feel abandoned, sad, helpless, lost, or uncertain about the future. You feel like you don’t know what to do next. How will you go on? One important thing to remember is: it’s not the end of the world!! Life goes on as new seasons unfold on the horizon. With them we discover new experiences, new friends, and new memories. We often hear the saying, “One door closes, and another door opens.” This is indeed true. You may have a good part-time job now. Somewhere down the road, that restaurant, coffee shop, or study library may close and you need to find another part-time job. It’s ok. No problem. Have faith that something better will come along.

Believers in Christ may often share that after we go through trials, there is triumph! After defeat, there is victory! I’m sure you have heard this one too, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” It means that better things are yet to come and you just need to be patient in waiting for them.

The ending of a season can be felt as good or bad, depending on your attitude. When you receive news about something that signifies the end of a particular season, give yourself time to process the information, step back to consider the reality, and decide how you will react. Your reaction will speak louder than what you might say. The way in which you react will also determine how you move forward. Will you dwell on the negativity in this season that is ending? Will you not also think about the good times and good memories with this person? You have control over your attitude. You do not have to listen to what others think about you if they are judging you. If people tell you what to do, or give you unsolicited (not asked for) advice, you can take it or leave it. It’s really up to you. Just be yourself, understand you, your feelings and what you need or want to do.

As an individual who has gone through several seasons in her life, I encourage you to reflect on what season you are going through right now. Consider also this question: How will you react when your present season ends, and the next one appears as a silver lining on a gloomy horizon?

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