2018: A Year of Traveling, This Time Singapore!
2018: A Year of Traveling, This Time Singapore!
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Over half of the year ‘2018’ has disappeared and I thought about what I have done till now. The most dominant thought that came to my mind was ‘traveling’. I actually started my year by going to Las Vegas to see the CES 2018.

 That was the first trip of my life that changed a part of me because I learned so much by meeting numerous people, seeing various events and solving some minor problems related to discrimination. These small things changed the way I think of the world and motivated me to learn more. I went to Singapore this time to meet my longtime friend, Felix Lee. I was invited to attend his company’s MOU ceremony and graduation ceremony. At his MOU event, I was able to meet many people from different backgrounds and could get some great interviews for the CBNU Globe. Also, thanks to the interview, I could ask some personal questions that I was interested in.

At the graduation ceremony for SP (Singapore Polytechnic), I was a guest and was given the best treatment and sat right behind the deputy prime minister of Singapore. I sat in the second row so I could see all the graduates and feel the speech my friend Felix gave as being the 20,000th graduate of the institute.

After these big events, I traveled all around Singapore. The goal for my trip was feeling how the locals lived rather than just seeing the tourist attractions. Because I was a fool, the subway or metro is very intuitive in Singapore, but I walked around everywhere just to get a glimpse of everything in Singapore. I could explore and experience various cultures by discovering the Arab street, Chinatown and much more. I was amazed with the multicultural atmosphere and how everybody got along so well with each other. I also tried all kinds of foods like durians, Chinese food, pork jerky and much more. Everybody was curious about my durian tasting experience. To tell the truth it did smell like methane gas, but it was really sweet. However, I did need to get used to the texture to eat it. Talking about food, because I’m Korean, Korean products caught my eye and I could see that the Korean trend craze was actually real. However, I was sad because the products were so expensive that they less-likely become common products to local Singaporeans.

During this trip to Singapore, I walked over 20km by myself each day and slept an average of four hours a day. It was tiring, but I did learn and experience a lot, so I don’t regret it one bit! After I came back home, I was curious about Singapore, so I read books about Singapore and the leader Lee Kuan Yew. I do not agree with the education system of Singapore, but I could see that he was a very smart leader and he became one of my role models. I was also fascinated by his ability system, so I tried experimenting it in the CBNU Globe. The results are still to come, but I hope I get some outstanding results!

Chang Seung-won Editor-in-Chief

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