CBNU Tasty Road: Korean Food
CBNU Tasty Road: Korean Food
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Surachung: Pork Bulgogi

Tasty day, everyone! Greetings for a new semester, are you eating tasty foods with your friends or seniors and juniors? Appetite is a vital necessity in life. According to Maslow’s pyramid of human desire, appetite is a necessity to be filled first. So if it is possible, it would be much better to eat delicious foods! However, our university has such a huge commercial district, so it is hard to pick out the right foods. In order to solve these problems, we, the CBNU Globe reporters, would like to introduce reputable restaurants, which we’ve been told, many CBNU students frequent. We will review Korean, Chinese, Japanese, western, and CBNU cafeteria foods in CBNU GLOBE this year. Let’s look into Korean-style foods as the first runner. Why not walk along the yummy trail with us!

Surachung: Pork Bulgogi

Haeiru: Pork Back-bone Stew

Chef says…: It is the best restaurant to present a happy and full meal to students who have light pockets!

·Location: 307, Gwonsamdeuk-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si
·Phone Number: 063-276-4060
·Reporter’s Choice:
Pork Bulgogi / Pork belly Gochujang Bulgogi: 6,000 won, Volcano Cheese Steamed eggs : 3,000 won

Reporter’s Review: I heard this restaurant is really cheap but very delicious and generous. At first, I didn’t believe this. But when I saw the food, I could agree. This came served on a hot iron plate so we could eat this warm. The cabbage and onion’s textures were alive, and the pork’s flavor was savory. In particular, the sauce was not so spicy and salty. It was moderately sweet, so we could eat it without burdening our stomachs. If you take a piece of lettuce putting pork, ssamjang, and rice into the lettuce, you can feel the best taste. Surachung is also famous for its volcano cheese steamed eggs. It is so soft and very delicious.

Haeiru: Pork Back-bone Stew

Gilsonnae: Braised Spicy Chicken

Chef says…: We always use fresh ingredients to make the most delicious food!

·Location: 9, Myeongnyun 5-gil, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si
·Phone Number: 063-905-5000
·Reporter’s Choice: Pork Back-bone Stew in Ttukbaegi: 8,000 won

Reporter’s Review: Haeiru appeared so many times on TV. They show the cooking process through an open kitchen to prove they use clean and fresh ingredients. It is filled with so much pork so the soup flows over the Ttukbaegi. The pork is really soft and tender and soup is really spicy and unique. The red pepper pickled in red pepper powder comes out as a side dish. If you eat Pork Back-bone Stew and this pickled hot pepper together, it is delicious. Please remember that this restaurant is closed every Monday.

Gilsonnae: Braised Spicy Chicken

Chef says…: Our restaurant has captivated the taste of many people for 30 years!

·Location: 321, Gwonsamdeuk-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si
·Phone Number: 063-271-6453
·Reporter’s Choice: Whole chicken: 22,000won, Half chicken: 13,000won

Reporter’s Review: The inside of the shop is full of traces of 30 years of tradition. The guest book, which is written on the wall, seems to prove the taste of this restaurant. The Braised Spicy Chicken comes out in a hot pot. It is very delicious because it has a special secret, tasty sauce. There is a nice potato on the bottom too, but it is very hot. So pull it out beforehand. It is really delicious when you tear the chicken apart and mix it with the soup.

Did you get useful information through reading this article? These restaurants’ prices, freshness and taste were enough to captivate countless numbers of students, fitting its fame for as the best CBNU tasty Korean restaurants. If you haven’t visited these restaurants yet, how about going to one of them with your friends or special someone? Definitely, it will be a good choice. So far, we walked along the yummy trail of Korean food. The other yummy trails are waiting for your visit. See you Next month with “Western foods”!

Kim Hyun-ji Reporter

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