Tiny Flying Avatars, Drones
Tiny Flying Avatars, Drones
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Roh Kyu-lee Reporter

Have you seen the TV show My Ugly Duckling? Kim Gun-mo, who is the person on-air on My Ugly Duckling, is a big fan of drones. He owns a bunch of drones, and with those drones, he actually succeeded in fishing. He tied a fishing line onto the drone and controlled it from the air, outside the water. Likewise, drones are being used everywhere in our daily lives, and literally anyone can control them with proper education.

● Drone Generation

Drone, which means ‘Buzzing bees’, was first used for the army in the battle field. In the past, it usually made a reconnaissance flight, but as technology developed, it started being used to attack. Nowadays, since technology is developing rapidly, drones are no longer for the army; it actually helps and entertains our daily lives. For example, Amazon got a patent for a parachute delivery service using drones and all ages of people are buying drones just for fun. Also, drone filming has become generalized.

● Growth Diary of Drone

-1849: The first drone-like creature was made in Austria in 1849, which was designed to drop bombs through the hot-air balloons to attack Venice. However, it wasn’t controlled by man so it couldn’t be called a drone as we know it today.
-1910s: The first drone succeeded flying in The United States of America. It showed its possibility in patrol and war, so many countries started to research and study it.
-1920s: After World War I, the development of drones decreased.
-1930s: During World War II, drones grew as an important weapon.
-1940s: During World War II, the Nazis imputed the drone V-1 in the war, and succeeded.
-1950~60s: The drone named ‘Firebee’ started to be used as an enemy-monitoring ‘tool’ after the Vietnam War.
-1970~80s: Drone research became active again, and many technologies were developed.
-1990s: Drones in the 1990s contributed to peace and monitoring the Earth’s environment.
-2000s: Drone started to areas such as photography, rescue, and so on.

● Busy Drone Working Everywhere

Drones are penetrating into a variety of areas such as delivery service, crop management, journalism, patrol, disaster aid, environment protection and so on. For instance, a drone is commonly used in crop dusting. It reduces the workforce too, and since it is getting cheaper and easier to buy these ‘buzzing bees’ as time goes by, many farmers are starting to use them.

In addition, drones are also being generalized so that anyone could buy and use them. For example, at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony, an amazing drone show was performed. 1218 of drones made the shape of a snowboarder and the Olympic flag. It was controlled by a single person, which was set as a world record for ‘The most unmanned flight in the air’. Also, since it is being generalized, many photographers and broadcasting stations are using drones to capture scenes where human can’t reach, such as sky view, and deliver goods to where it is hard for humans to get to.

● Drones Are Still Growing

Drones have many advantages, but those advantages are causing many problems. There are two main problems. First, the fastest rising problem is the invasion of privacy. Since drones are up in the sky flying around filming, many passengers could be filmed whatever they are doing, even in their houses. To minimize this kind of problem, drone pilots should control their drone according to civil aeronautics law.
1. Night flying: banned
2. Flying in no-flight zone and air traffic-controlled zone: banned
3. Flying above 150 meters: banned
4. Dangerous flight path above crowds: banned
5. Dropping an object while in-flight: banned
6. Flying under the influence of alcohol: banned
7. Flying outside the pilot’s visibility: banned
8. Permission for aerial photography and flight approval are granted separately
9. Checking amount of fuel, remaining battery level, and communication conditions are necessary.
Second, if a drone has a problem while it is flying, it could fall and cause casualties. It is said that if a 1-kilogram drone falls from the sky at 150 meters, it will shock you at 2 tons. However, American e-commerce enterprise Amazon recently got a patent for a drone-type, which could dissolve itself when it has a problem so it could minimize casualty.

Drone is making our lives more convenient. Drones are able to us faster than humans, reach to where humans can’t go, or go on patrols instead of the police. However, they are bearing problems such as invasion of privacy and safety problems. Since drones have been developing at a relatively fast pace, they are now in a period of transition. If drones settle well after a period of transition, it might give us more convenience than now.

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