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CBNU Students Awarded by CORE
2018년 05월 02일 (수) 13:48:26 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

CBNU student, Han Seung-hoon in the Department of Japanese Literature won the Excellence Award in the Essay Contest of the Initiative College of Humanities’ Research and Education (CORE) held by the Korea Research Foundation. In addition, Kim Ji-eun in the Department of English Language and Literature received a participation award. The CORE held the contest for students all over the country. The contest winner said, "I appreciate the diversity of experiences that I gained while participating in it. Through the off-campus program I was able to directly learn about advanced cases overseas in areas of my interest. The CORE also gave me the opportunity to participate in the Japan Job Fair for overseas employment. I was able to find out what foreign applicants need for their desired employment in Japan”. Kim Ji-eun participated in the video production workshop held by CORE. She wrote the scenarios and learned about various shooting and sound equipment, which helped her to participate in the short film shooting.

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