Senior Students Give Donations for Juniors
Senior Students Give Donations for Juniors
  • 승인 2018.05.02 13:46
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The Department of Bio Science and Rural Resources is one of the faculties of CBNU where students work hard day in and day out. After graduating from this specialized school, the graduates are normally encouraged to work in an industry for more than three years. This year’s graduates together with CBNU President Lee Ham-ho donated 10 million won for the development fund for juniors. The CBNU President Lee Nam-ho also praised them on their efforts and expressed his gratitude. The graduates raised the funds in hopes that their juniors would not be suffered from any difficulties that they might encounter. Student Eom Chang-gi said, “Although the history of this department isn’t long, I hope that the senior students will actively participate in it and continue to support the tradition to donate so that our junior students can study in a better environment”.

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