CBNU Gochang Campus Expands Hanok Education Course
CBNU Gochang Campus Expands Hanok Education Course
  • 승인 2018.05.02 13:46
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CBNU is known as a mecca for domestic hanok education. This year it will expand the education further at the Gochang Campus. To this day, it has been operated with the support of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. From this year, the hanok education course will be divided into two: the hanok interior education course and eco-friendly wooden architecture education course. The eco-friendly wooden architecture education course will be held for eight months starting from March, while the interior education course will only be for four months, (also starting from March?). Additionally, after educating its students, the Gochang Campus has a one-stop system of training (orientation) and employment in entities such as hanok construction companies, cultural heritage construction companies, and cultural heritage design offices. This year, the Cultural Heritage Administration and Jeonbuk Province will host the “Cultural Heritage Care Project”, which repairs old homes of the elderly, the disabled, and the socially weak. Professor Nam Hae-kyung, the Director of the Hanok Technology Center said, "Every year, by attracting and expanding education programs related to various hanok architecture, CBNU is proving that it is the mecca of hanok architecture. And I will do my best to make use of it."

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