CBNU Opens Innopolis Campus Forum
CBNU Opens Innopolis Campus Forum
  • 승인 2018.05.02 13:45
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In order to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution, it is urgent to accumulate meaningful data. It is also necessary to construct an information system for various data in order to utilize it for the public good. Thus, the “Jeonbuk Special Innopolis Campus Forum” was held. Professor Noh Hye-min, in the Department of Software Engineering, said, "Although the main focus of the 4th industrial revolution is data accumulation, Korea still lacks the data itself. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to accumulate meaningful data by constructing a systematic data collection system. The amount of time to accumulate experience will be judged by success or failure." For the solution, professor Noh Hye-min added, "Currently, 60% of elementary school students are expected to have non-existing jobs. As we can see from this, a flexible education system should be prepared according to changes in the industrial systems.”

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