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CBNU Startup Education Center Supports Startups
2018년 05월 02일 (수) 13:44:54 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Since 2012, CBNU Startup Education Center supported students’ ideas for startups. The center helps students build up the startup idea’s prototype and helps it become a reality by helping the students make the business model and prototype. The whole process for a student business to be realized takes about a year.
CBNU has run its own startup since 2012. Through this center, CBNU has supported 64 teams which have their own enterprise. Students are given opportunity to participate in various challenges and contests. Kim Man-young, the head of the Startup Education Center, said, “Students have various ideas, but some students don’t know how to make this idea into a reality. The center helps these students launch their own enterprises. Also, we support costs and various training for students, which they might need when they start a business.”

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