CBNU Increases Smart Classroom
CBNU Increases Smart Classroom
  • 승인 2018.05.02 13:44
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While CBNU is spreading out the installation of the ‘One Smart Classroom for One Department Project,’ eight new smart classrooms opened their doors on March 2nd. CBNU has been raising its budget for several purposes: to improve students’ educational environment; minimize the use of students’ tuition; make 100 smart classrooms on the whole campus. CBNU is receiving chairs, desks, and other equipment which a name of the donator is carved, so that many people could remember their noble meaning. New smart classrooms contains: a teaching behaviors analysis system; a lecture film recording system; a good environment for use of tablet PC’s; and hanok features such as hanok-style windows. In addition, professors and students have high satisfaction of this smart classroom project. President Lee Nam-ho said, “I am so happy to bear meaningful fruit through these smart classrooms in this new semester. I will do my best to build 100 smart classrooms this year.”

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