CBNU Students Publish Book
CBNU Students Publish Book
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CBNU students who have participated in the RC (Residential College) since 2015, published a book on the basis of their experience for three years. RC is a program in which student dormitories have been transformed into education and residence, which could help students build an upright personality and community spirit in the dormitory. Titled “RC, School fostering the talented,” the RC students’ book is an anthology highlighting the experiences and precious fruitions of three students. In the book, there are basic concepts, comparison among dorm building floors, and what they felt about the RC programs. Not only specific programs, but also a postscript is included, so anyone who will start the RC might get help from it. This book actually got a great response from students of the 4th RC class. The three student writers said, “We started to write this book to record impressions of many activities participated in by students of a variety of majors. Through the RC program, students created an exciting study environment by interchanging majors and learning more about themselves in the process.”

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